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Affectionate, charming, low-slung, and quiet are some of the traits that would perfectly describe Basset Hound. This purebred dog possesses heavy bones, small but powerful legs, and massive paws. In terms of strength and stamina, his breed stand in comparison to some of the big sized dogs.

This endearing dog with an innocent appeal is sure to attract everyone attention. Though happy-go-lucky, it has a tendency to bark repeatedly in a loud voice.

What’s More? Have A Look At Some Of Its Characteristics

Dog Head

Large Domed Head


Long & Velvety Ears


Mournful Eyes


Wrinkled Brow


15 Inches Height

Selecting A Dog Breeder

A sweet, gentle, and sensitive dog breed, you should not miss making Basset Hound your family companion. Also, don’t get fooled by those mournful and sad eyes.

Consider buying these affectionate creatures from a reliable breeder. Choose among the three basic basset hound colors- black, white, and brown.

Thirdly, be aware of the deception breeders who gives this breed at ungodly price tag. Usually, this breed range between $300 to $700.

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Tips To Take Care Of Your Dog

Taking a little extra care of your basset hound will keep him healthy and happy for a long time. This calls for some basic regular tasks you need to get engage in. Clean their ears and eyes to keep any form of infection at bay.

Brush their teeth and check for tartar on a regular basis. Once in every fortnight, trim their nails with patience and gentle approach. Use pet-friendly shampoo to get them bathed. Brush their coat atleast once in a week.

Here is a discussion on daily grooming routine of your Basset Hound.

Dog's Health - Tips and Advice

To keep your basset hound fit and fine, you need to feed your pet with a rich diet accompanied by some moderate exercises. This is because these bulky dogs could easily gain weight. Therefore, you need to take into due considerations some of the health tips.

Invest In A High-quality Dog Food according to your dog’s age
Keep A Constant Check on the Calorie Consumption
Feed Them With Clean And Fresh Water
BHB Breeder Training

Dog Training, Education And Ethology

Training your basset hound requires time and patience. The training practices include teaching them how to be well-behaved, socialized, respectful, and able to understand the owner’s commands.

After your dog’s naps, meals, and playtime you should take them outside for a walk so that they get to learn how to pee and potty habits. Secondly, expose them to unfamiliar dogs, people, and environments. Teach him basic commands like sit, stay, come etc. to make him obedient.

Looking for some more training tips?

Accessories or Necessary Products For The Dog

There are some must have accessories that you should definitely consider buying for your basset hound. Collar and leash are among the most common ones that ensure identification and safe walking respectively of your dog.

Buy dog coat to keep them warm in winters. Crates, beds, dog house, toys are some additional accessories that are highly beneficial for the happy and sound lifestyle of your basset hound.

Tap to know to get familiar with dozens of other accessories.

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