As pet moms and dads, all of us want our fluffy pals to be tidy, fit, and gleeful. And what could be a better method to achieve that than with the aid of pet wipes? However, not all pet wipes are the same. That’s why we went through the market to present you with the top 5 supreme pet wipes of 2023 that will make grooming a total breeze. From calming aloe vera to potent germ-fighting qualities, these pet wipes are jam-packed with components that will make your pet feel indulged and revitalized.

Thus, why settle for middling pet wipes when you can offer your furry pal the best? These pet wipes are not only valuable but also provide a meaningful bond between you and your pet. It’s a total win-win situation. Say farewell to shaggy fur and unpleasant whiffs, and say hello to a tidy, happy, and robust pet. So, let’s dig in!


Tetesol Dog Wipes For Dogs & Cats: All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

Tetesol is the new favorite in the town! But what makes it the number one choice for pet wipes?

  • Completely Natural: “Soft On Feet & Eco-Friendly”

Tetesol Dog Wipes are crafted with 100% organic materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. This means they are gentle on your pup’s skin and the surroundings. You can feel great about picking them, as you’re doing your part in supporting sustainable choices to help the planet and your furry companion.

  • Bulk Pack Fun: “A Super Deal For Cash & Time Savings”

The massive pack of 100 wipes is a must-grab for pet owners. Not only do they save money but time as it minimizes visits to the store. With an extensive supply of wipes, you can keep your furry friend clean and fresh for months on the go, making it the ideal option to keep on hand.

  • No-Wash Need: “The Perfect Solution For Travel Grooming”

Tetesol Dog Wipes means no more washing and no hassle for pet owners on the go. You can use them anytime, anywhere without rinsing, making them suitable for busy schedules. They’re ideal for quick grooming after walks, car rides, or when you can’t give your pet a bath. Also, they’re disposable, so using them couldn’t be more straightforward and practical.

  • Skin-Softening Wonders: “Farewell To Scratchy, Dry Paws”

Tetesol Dog Wipes infused with vitamin E will alleviate dry skin, leaving your dog’s feet soft and velvety. They’re suitable for daily use, improving your pet’s skin health and reducing pesky itching. Their skin will be soft and happily healthy, as dryness and cracks vanish into thin air.

  • Abundancy In One Go:

Stocking up on Tetesol Dog Wipes is a no-brainer. With plenty of wipes in each pack, you’ll never run out of your favorite product. Isn’t it amazing?

12 Finest Medicated Dog Wipes For Your Pup’s Cleanliness

1. Best Overall Canine Cleansing Wipes: Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Wipes

Remy’s tear stains vanish quickly with Furbliss wipes. These wipes check all the boxes: they’re durable, cleansing, and gentle enough for multiple daily uses. Even better, they are versatile, suitable for cleaning your dog’s coat, ears, eyes, and paws, featuring a soothing formula enriched with vitamin E, aloe vera, and a natural deodorizer. They are the perfect size for cleaning small or large paws and can even be used on your feline friend if they need a quick cleaning.

Vetnique Labs Furbliss Pet Wipes

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After thorough testing, these wipes emerged as the clear winner for their reliability and versatility, earning the paw of approval from dogs Remy and Lucy. Lucy, who typically dislikes having her paws cleaned, found the packaging easy to use, allowing our tester to retrieve a single wipe and seal it back up before Lucy’s attention waned. Remy used them to quickly remove tear stains without any irritation.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Made in the USA
  • Available in lightly scented (“refreshing”) or unscented varieties
  • Packaged in resealable packs of 100 wipes
  • Hypoallergenic formula with vitamin E, aloe Vera, and Deoplex, a natural deodorizer
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs
  • Note: The package seal may lose stickiness over time, potentially allowing unused wipes to dry out; consider storing them in Tupperware or a Ziplock bag.

2. Most Durable Dog Wipes: Paws & Pals Unscented Grooming Wipes

These wipes are surprisingly resilient. On the day our tester tried them, heavy rain had soaked the ground for hours, and expectations for these thin wipes were low regarding cleaning the dogs’ muddy paws. However, skepticism quickly turned into astonishment. These bamboo-based wipes, known for their strength and eco-friendliness, effectively tackled the dirt on the pups’ legs.

Paws & Pals Unscented Grooming Wipes

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Remarkably, just one wipe sufficed to clean all four of Remy’s paws. Moreover, these wipes are suitable for both dogs and cats, a relief for multi-pet households. Additionally, the company donates a portion of its proceeds to local pet shelters to support pet adoptions. One drawback is their recommended use limit – it’s advisable not to use the wipes more than three times a day, which might be insufficient for fastidious pet owners or in particularly wet climates.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Recommended for use up to three times per day
  • Formulated with witch hazel and aloe
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs
  • Packaged in resealable packs of 120 wipes
  • A sturdy plastic seal maintains moisture
  • Made of eco-friendly, 100% bamboo fibers

3. Most Dependable Dog Paw Wipes: Burt’s Bees Multipurpose Hypoallergenic Wipes

Burt’s Bees multipurpose dog wipes earn the title of the most dependable due to their consistent performance and widespread availability. If you’re in a pinch and require a wipe urgently, these are likely to be found nearby, not just at pet stores. They also come in smaller packs compared to most alternatives, making them convenient for on-the-go dog parents.

Burt's Bees Multipurpose Hypoallergenic Wipes

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These hypoallergenic, fragrance-free wipes incorporate 99% natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients, including honey, and are suitable for a wide range of uses, from toes to tail. Our tester initially purchased a pack for unexpected messes when she first brought Remy home, and the wipes didn’t disappoint. The only drawback is the challenging resealable packaging, which can cause the wipes to dry out. To prevent this, placing the wipes in a plastic bag or container is advisable once opened.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Made in the USA
  • Widely available in stores and online
  • Packaged in packs of 50 wipes
  • Unscented, hypoallergenic formula with almost all-natural ingredients
  • Suitable for use on dogs only, not indicated for safe use with cats
  • Packaging is difficult to reseal, potentially leading to dried-out wipes

4. Best Deodorizing Wipes for Odorous Pups: Nature’s Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes

Nature’s Miracle, known for its stain and odor-removing spray, also offers bath wipes with a refreshing scent that isn’t overwhelming. These wipes excel at combating the infamous wet dog smell that often follows rain-soaked walks or lake dips. Additionally, they are highly portable, with a smaller pack of 25 wipes available, making them convenient for any smelly situations your pup encounters.

Nature's Miracle Deodorizing Bath Wipes

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These dog paw wipes feature a pleasant size and incorporate aloe and vitamin E for a gentle cleanse. Their only design flaw is the packaging, which makes it challenging to retrieve a single wipe at a time. However, once our tester managed to secure one, these wipes effectively cleaned Lucy’s paws, allowing her to resume playtime.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Light, pleasant scent
  • Available in two resealable pack sizes: 25 wipes and 100 wipes
  • Gentle formula free of alcohol, dyes, parabens, and sulfates
  • Suitable for general use on dogs, not indicated for safe use in dogs’ ears or with cats
  • Packaging impedes the extraction of individual wipes

5. Best Scented Dog Wipe: Earth-Rated Lavender-Scented Dog Wipes

The lavender scent of Earth Rated’s dog wipes makes them a personal favorite of our tester. She was impressed by their effectiveness and gentleness on Remy’s paws and backside, but she particularly adored the subtle lavender fragrance. In addition to their prowess at tackling mud and grime, these wipes are eco-friendly and made from plant-based materials that can be composted after use.

Earth-Rated Lavender-Scented Dog Wipes

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Alongside lavender, they contain natural shea butter, aloe, and chamomile, providing a pampering touch to your dog’s paws and coat. However, exercise caution and avoid using these wipes around your dog’s eyes or ears; they are solely safe for their paws and body.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Pleasant lavender scent (unscented option also available)
  • Plant-based and compostable for environmentally friendly disposal
  • Packaged in a resealable pack of 100 wipes
  • Hypoallergenic formula with natural ingredients like shea butter, aloe, and chamomile
  • Suitable for use on dogs’ paws, bodies, and hindquarters; not recommended for use around the ears and eyes or safe use with cats

6. Best Budget Pet Wipes: Wet Ones For Pets

You may be familiar with Wet Ones sanitizing wipes for humans, but did you know they also produce wipes for dogs? Upon spotting these wipes and reading positive reviews, our tester was eager to give them a try. These wipes are hypoallergenic and safe for dogs with sensitive skin, a relief for Lucy, who occasionally experiences dry skin. They are fragrance-free and swiftly address messes caused by dirt and rain, just like the human version.

Wet Ones For Pets

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Moreover, they consistently offer the best value per wipe compared to other options on our list, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious pet parents or households with multiple dogs. They are available in various pack sizes to suit your needs, including a handy plastic canister containing 50 wipes for on-the-go storage in your car.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Unscented, hypoallergenic formula
  • Available in a variety of resealable packs containing 30, 50, or 100 wipes
  • Offers the best per-wipe value compared to alternatives
  • Suitable for general dog use, not recommended for use around the ears or safe use with cats

7. Best Biodegradable Dog Wipes: Wild One Dog Grooming Wipes

For environmentally-conscious pet parents, Wild One’s dog grooming wipes are the ideal choice. Our tester appreciated that these wipes include moisturizing ingredients like coconut water and aloe vera, which prevent the drying of a dog’s paws or skin. In an effort to reduce waste, these wipes are biodegradable and crafted from all-vegan, plant-based materials.

Wild One Dog Grooming Wipes

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The packaging claims a light eucalyptus scent, but during our testing, this was not particularly discernible. User reviews vary, with some loving the scent and others disliking it. These wipes are among the pricier options per wipe on our list, making them a planet-friendly but wallet-friendly choice.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Light, but polarizing eucalyptus scent
  • Packaged in a resealable pack of 70 wipes
  • Cruelty-free formula made with natural ingredients like coconut water and aloe vera
  • Free from alcohol and other harsh chemicals
  • Higher per-wipe cost compared to other alternatives
  • Suitable for general dog use, not recommended for use around the ears or safe use with cats

8. Best Wipes for Your Dog’s Coat: Earthbath Grooming Wipes

Many dog wipes boast soothing, moisturizing ingredients, but Earthbath’s Grooming Wipes go a step further by adding a touch of shine while cleaning and conditioning your pet’s coat and paws. They are also fragrance-free, making them an excellent choice for pups or pet parents sensitive to scents. Additionally, the plastic click top on the container ensures a secure seal, preventing the wipes from drying out.

Earthbath Grooming Wipes

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After Remy returned from a romp in the muddy backyard, he willingly presented his paw to our tester for cleaning with these wipes. If we had to guess, he would recommend them to fellow dogs at the dog park. The only caveat is their size; despite being labeled as “extra-large” towels, they are smaller than many other wipes we tested, so they may not go as far for larger dogs or bigger messes.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Fragrance-free, unscented wipes
  • “Extra large” towels are smaller than most other options
  • Packaged in a resealable pack of 100 wipes
  • A sturdy plastic seal maintains moisture
  • Plant-based, hypoallergenic formula made with natural ingredients like Hawaiian awapuhi, aloe vera, and vitamin E.
  • Higher per-wipe cost compared to most alternatives
  • Suitable for use on dogs’ and cats’ paws and coats; not indicated for safe use around the ears and eyes

9. Best Dog Wipes for Eyes: Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads

While many wipes on this list claim to be safe for a dog’s face, few mention the eyes. This is because a dog’s eyes, much like a human’s, are extremely sensitive. Even natural ingredients can be irritating, and some may lead to long-term damage. When it comes to cleaning your pup’s eyes, taking risks is not an option.

Miracle Care Eye Wash Pads

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These dog eye wipes are designed for safe use around the eyes, effectively removing gunk and debris with a gentle, non-stinging formula. Highly praised by pet parents, these wipes are essential for dogs with allergies, tear stains, or excessive buildup in the tear ducts. However, their singular purpose means that one handy pack won’t address all your pet’s cleaning needs; you’ll need another wipe or two for overall maintenance.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Made in the USA
  • Smaller-sized pads offer precise control and targeted usage
  • Sterile, irrigating formula to clear dust and debris from the eyes
  • Packaged in a resealable canister containing 90 pre-soaked pads
  • Safe for use around and in the eyes of both cats and dogs

10. Best Ear Wipes: Pet MD Ear Wipes For Dogs

Accumulated wax, moisture, and dirt in dogs’ ears can often lead to more significant issues. Dogs with large, floppy ears are particularly susceptible to itchiness and infection, making ear wipes like Pet MD’s a valuable addition to your pet care routine. These non-medicated ear wipes are smaller and similar in size to eye wash pads rather than the larger wipes on our list.

Pet MD Ear Wipes For Dogs

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They are gentle and safe for daily use, containing aloe vera and eucalyptus to cleanse, deodorize, and soothe irritated ears. While there are medicated dog ear wipes available for dogs with bacterial or fungal infections, it’s advisable to consult a veterinarian, even if non-prescription wipes are accessible.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Non-medicated; suitable for daily use
  • Made in the USA
  • Smaller-sized pads offer precise control and targeted usage in various ear sizes
  • The gentle, alcohol-free formula includes aloe vera and eucalyptus oil
  • Packaged in a resealable canister containing 100 wipes
  • Designed for use exclusively in and around the ears, not indicated as safe for cats

11. Best Dental Dog Wipes: Petkin Plaque Toothwipes

Dental hygiene is a critical aspect of a dog’s overall health, especially as they ages. Brushing a dog’s teeth can be a challenging endeavor for both dogs and their owners. These wipes aim to make the process a bit more manageable. Featuring natural baking soda, these wipes freshen your dog’s breath while combating harmful plaque and tartar.

Petkin Cat and Dog Dental Wipes

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They are smaller in size than most wipes, measuring 5 inches by 5 inches, providing enhanced control and ease of use inside your dog’s mouth. These wipes receive favorable ratings for their ease of use and effectiveness for both dogs and cats. However, not all dogs appreciate the minty scent, although their human companions seem to enjoy it and the breath improvement it offers.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Recommended for use as often as once per day
  • Specifically formulated to support dental hygiene without requiring water or rinsing
  • Smaller-sized wipes for better control
  • Packaged in a resealable canister containing 40 wipes
  • Intended for dental use only, but safe for both dogs and cats

12. Best Wipes for Your Dog’s Rear End: Vetnique Labs Glandex Dog Wipes

While most dogs are proficient at keeping their rear ends clean, there are times when illness, injury, or other factors can lead to an unpleasant and uncomfortable situation. These dog butt wipes are specially designed to address anal gland hygiene. They feature an odor-neutralizing formula that includes Deoplex, a natural deodorizing enzyme, along with other soothing ingredients to relieve irritated bottoms.

Vetnique Labs Glandex Dog Wipes

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With over 10,000 reviews on Amazon alone, many pet parents report that these wipes effectively address both discomfort and unpleasant odors. They are also noted for their thickness and durability, which are particularly crucial for their intended purpose. As a bonus, they are safe for use on cats and all over a dog’s body.

Key Features & Notes:

  • Made in the USA
  • Lightly scented with all-natural ingredients
  • The cleansing formula includes Deoplex, a natural deodorizer, Vitamin E, aloe vera, and moisturizers
  • Free from alcohol, paraben, or other harsh chemicals
  • Packaged in a resealable canister containing 75 wipes or a pouch containing 100 wipes
  • Suitable for use all over the body, including on cats and dogs


Can I use dog wipes daily?

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, a vet, and author says it’s okay to use wipes sometimes, but don’t count on them as a stand-in for baths. She suggests using them to tidy up after a stroll or for wiping off filthy paws, yet warns that excessive use could deplete your dog’s skin of its natural oils, leading to it getting dry and irritated.

Can I use baby wipes on my dog’s face?

Using baby wipes on a pup’s face isn’t a good idea, since they’re not designed for pets and might have stuff in them that’ll tick off your pooch’s skin or eyeballs. Plus, they might not even get rid of all the gunk on your pup’s face, and that could lead to some nasty irritation or germs.

Your best bet is to stick to pet-specific wipes or a moistened towel with some warm water to give your pup’s face a good cleaning. And if you’re not sure what to use, your vet can help you out with some safe and effective recommendations to keep your pup looking their best.


Spoiling your furry buddy with top-notch clean-up supplies is an awesome way to ensure they stay feeling fresh, spick and span, and comfy. If you’re dealing with scratchy skin, funky smells, or just need to do a quick tidy-up after a muddy trek, there’s a clean-up wipe that’s perfect for you. Don’t forget to grab wipes that are free of mean chemicals, eco-friendly, and made with natural stuff to keep your pet’s skin healthy and smiley.