bassett hound clothes

Most people would consider basset hound dog clothes a luxury. Others would think it’s a necessity. But no matter which side you are on, you cannot deny the fact that giving your dog clothes makes them cute and beyond adorable, not to mention more approachable (no thanks to their droopy face).

And just like human fashion, picking out the best clothes for basset hound has its own guidelines. After all, you are not dressing yourself up; you are buying clothes for a dog that has no understanding that it needs one! That is why for your basset hound to have a worthwhile time while wearing clothes, you must follow the tips we will tell you later on in this article.

First of All: Why Dress-up?

Okay. Are dog clothes for basset hound really a required purchase? Is it merely for vanity? To answer these questions: Yes, especially if your basset hound is the outdoor type that will not even let the snow stop it from going outside; and No, it’s not just to make your pet look good.

Here are some reasons why you need to provide basset hound clothes for your dog. Hopefully, these will convince you.

Weather conditions

With the winter coming, your pet would undoubtedly appreciate the extra layers, especially since their short fur may not be enough to protect them from the cold temperatures. Yes, it does grow a bit more hair than usual to keep the skin warm. But because of its short length, it cannot fully accomplish this task.

Of course, winter is not the only thing you need to worry about. Rain, sleet, and humidity are also things that you have to take note of, particularly if you experience, one, two, or all three of these in your area. Choosing the appropriate long dog clothes depending on the temperatures could protect your dog from possible illnesses such as frostbite, colds, and fever.


If you or your family member is allergic to dog dander, a type of protein found in their skin and coat which can trigger allergic reactions to some people who have hypersensitivity, offering clothes for basset hound would decrease the chances of the allergen spreading all over the home. For one, the fabric would keep the fur in.

This is also a good strategy whenever guests are coming. Not only can you protect them from an allergic reaction. You are also giving them a chance to be entertained by a dog in clothes, imagine that hehe!

Parasites and insects

Basset hounds are not immune to ticks, worms, and other pathogens that could harm them or bring them disease. While his dog clothes cannot guarantee that these parasites would not touch your pet, it would certainly make the journey towards its skin layers more difficult. They would have to penetrate layers upon layers of fabric just to suck the life out of your pet.

Types of Basset Hound Dog Clothes to Buy

Just like human clothing, basset hound clothes have different kinds depending on when you use it. Stock up on a few gems from each type to ensure that your basset hound is safe and warm all year round!

Winter clothes

As previously mentioned, basset hounds have short hair that may or may not be enough to keep them warm and protected during the winter season. And Yes, despite the snow, you still have to walk your dog diligently to prevent it from becoming obese while being indoors.

To keep your walks warm and pleasant despite the snow, prepare some coats, sweatshirts, and sweaters your dog can wear while outside. That way, regardless of the cold breeze, your pet could still stay warm and comfortable.

Clothes For Dogs

Do remember, though, that basset hounds have short legs. Thus, there is a likely chance that the sweater would be wet as your pet strolls by. Its low stature could keep it in contact with the ground, causing snow to melt in its chest. To prevent this, have a raincoat or other clothing made from waterproof materials in your growing repertoire of dog clothes. Your dog might encounter respiratory problems otherwise.


If you see your dog shivering even indoors during the winter months, give them pajamas. It can help minimize the cold feeling. It keeps them warm and comfortable while sleeping.


Of course, unlike human pajamas, the dog version does not have pants because they might not be able to remove it just in time for their potty sessions. Look for pajamas that are loose enough for your dog to move around even while sleeping, and add it to your basset hound clothes collection.


Yes, basset hounds have their version of boots! They can use it as a protection to their paws against burning pavement during summer walks, frostbite during winter walks and plays, and other harmful substances that can injure and penetrate your pet’s fragile paw pads.

In shopping for booties to add to your dog clothes wardrobe, look for a product you can easily slip into their feet. Remember that your basset hound can get too excited once you mention the word “walk.” Thus, having booties that you can quickly attach to its paws can help you tremendously.


Also, check for the straps. Is it secure enough to hold your pet’s foot even as your dog sprints? Is it tight and sealed enough to keep the slosh from entering the booties and make a mini-river inside the booties? These questions are essential in making sure that the booties would do its job.

Finally, inspects the bottom of the shoe. Does it have a non-skid feature in case your pet wants to walk on snowy sidewalks? You do not want to risk your pet slipping frantically on thin and melting eyes during its outdoor activities.


Aside from snow, raincoats can be used to protect your dog from the rain (obviously). Having an unprotected dog during the rainy season can cause it to suffer from colds, cough, and other respiratory problems.In choosing a raincoat for your basset hound clothes wardrobe, get one that has reflecting strips on the side and top. This is to help the motorists see you and your dog as you walk on the streets at night.


For Special Occasion

Okay, this may not be a must-have in your dog clothes wardrobe. But it’s cute to have one nonetheless! Whether it’s a Halloween costume, Santa Claus dog suit, or a frilly dress, it is cute and fun to include your basset hound’s clothes as part of the festivities.

In looking for special occasion clothes to add to your stock of unique dog clothes, watch out for choking hazards like buttons, ribbons, and zippers that can easily detach. Your basset hound may end up chewing or biting them off if it gets boring.

To further prevent your pet from ripping the clothes apart, keep it busy with toys or socialization with other guests. If the companions are familiar faces, your dog would definitely enjoy the attention.

Tips when Buying Basset Hound Clothes

Before rushing towards the nearest to the nearest store that sells basset hound unique clothes, take note of these tips first. It would help you make the right choices.

Get your dog’s measurements.

Most basset hound clothes stores ironically do not allow pets within their premises. Thus, for you to be sure that you purchase the best-fitted clothes available, get your basset hound’s measurements beforehand.

Must-have measurements should include the neck and head width body length from the neck to the butt (for the length of the shirts or dresses), and waist width. Getting clothes for them are of the right size is essential to fulfilling the purpose of the attire. If it is too tight, your dog might end up uncomfortable. Worse, it might get suffocated from the constriction.

If it is too loose, your basset hound may end up tripping and slipping because of the extra fabric. In buying clothes for your basset hound, you must also take note that your dog would be wearing a harness and a collar on top or with the apparel. For this, provide a few centimeters of leeway.

Know thy length.

One particular measurement you must carefully take note of is the shirt length. As mentioned earlier, dogs do not have clothing that can protect their nether regions because they urinate and potty every chance they get. It is for this exact reason that you must buy dog clothes that are short enough not to affect your dog’s urinating habits. The urine and feces must not be able to stain the ends of the shirt as your dog goes about its business. Otherwise, your laundry bill would suffer.

To give you some reference, measure your dog’s length up until the inner contours of the hind leg meet the hips. This means that the back limbs would not be able to be covered with the fabric.

Choose the right fabric.

Before buying a whole collection of fleece shirts, try making your dog wear one and see if it reacts negatively in a week or so. If your dog starts scratching and pulling away from the clothes, then it is likely that the material is uncomfortable for it to wear.

Consider your dog’s temperament.

Basset hounds are generally quiet and calm, often choosing to lounge and take a nap instead of moving around. Still, dogs are as unique as humans. Your basset hound may be too cheerful and loud for your liking.

It is then essential that your pet’s clothes should keep up to its moods. If your dog tends to keep its mouth busy, then buying a frilly unique dog clothes, complete with buttons, ribbons, and sequins, may not be a good idea. Your pet may end up destroying the design even after a few minutes of wearing it.

Buying a sweater that can be “unstrung” is not a good idea either. If your dog explores carefully, it may be able to find the end of the string that makes up the base of the sweater and unravel the complicated loops, leaving the poor clothing in a pile of yarn.

Opt for clothes you can adjust as your dog grows.

Dog clothes for a basset hound are kind of expensive. So to save up on costs, you might have to check out some items that are highly adjustable so that your dog can use the clothing for a long time. In choosing dog clothes for them, look at the stitching and craftsmanship. If your dog loves running, stretching, and playing around, its clothing should be able to catch up without being ripped apart.

Choose Velcro over zippers.

If you can, buy basset hound clothes that can be fastened using Velcro than a zipper. The latter has “teeth” that can trap and entangle fur which can hurt your dog. Velcro is a better option since it offers more space for size adjustments in case you bought an article of clothing that is too snug for your pet’s waste. Zippers, unfortunately, do not offer that luxury.

Is buying hats okay?

Adding hats for your basset hound wardrobe is a tempting idea, especially if the item is versatile enough to match any clothes your basset hound will wear as it strolls on the nearby park. However, as previously mentioned, you have to check your dog’s temperament in general. Hats and caps can easily fall and detach from your dog’s head. And if you are not careful, it would think of the item as an alternative chew or chase toy and would bite and rip it apart with all its doggy might.

Top Recommended Websites for Buying Lovely Dog Clothes

While there a lot of standalone retail stores where you can buy basset hound clothes, you might still want to check out some offers in online marketplaces. Here, we outline the top 3 recommended website to shop for your dog’s clothing collection.

  1. Furbabeez

This company offers a variety of designer dog clothes, ranging from dog sweaters, hoodies, raincoats, shoes, pajamas, and even special occasion costumes (We even found a dog police costume in their collection!). In each item you browse on, you can choose your desired size and color that can suit your dog’s personality. Aside from clothes, they also offer pet bowls, beds, collars, harnesses, toys, and other accessories. It truly is a one-stop-shop for any pet parent!

And to further help the environment, they only outsource materials that have fair trade laws and are eco-friendly.

  1. Baxterboo

Established in 2006, Baxterboo is a company that offers cat clothes, shoes, and accessories from different clothing brands. They have shirts, dresses, hoodies, polo shirts, jackets, and special costumes in their catalog, categorized by size, gender, and even the activity where it will be used. They also offer free shipping for orders that are over $49.

  1. Funny Fur

You might end up thinking that Funny Fur is a candy cane brand due to its pastel-colored website and dainty design offerings. But in truth, the brand offers dog clothing, accessories, beds, and toys that are sure to win any pet parent who is looking for the perfect basset hound dog clothes.

Founded in 2006, Funny Fur has become a household brand thanks to its stint as a costume designer and provider for the film “Beverly Hills Chihuahua.” Since then, pet parents trusted their brand in delivering clothing items that are, stylish, durable, and visually appealing to their pet dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Do Basset Hounds Need A Coat?

Ans: The sleek, short hair of Basset Hounds repels dirt and water. The coat is thick enough to keep children warm in any conditions.

Q2. What Type Of Coat Does A Basset Hound Have?

Ans: A Basset’s short-haired coat is smooth and velvety, and it sheds frequently. Any color of hound is permitted, albeit this differs by country. Black, Tan, and White tricolors or Tan and White bicolors are the most common. Tans range in color from reddish-brown to lemon.

Q3. Do Basset Hounds Need Sweaters?

Ans: As previously said, basset hounds have short hair, which may or may not be sufficient to maintain them warm and sheltered throughout the winter. Prepare some coats, sweatshirts, and sweaters for your dog to wear while outside to maintain your walks comfortable and enjoyable despite the snow.

Q4. How To Purchase Clothes For A Basset Hound?

Ans: If you need to buy a tee shirt or other piece of clothing for your dog, you’ll need to understand how to measure it. You should measure from the point of the collar to the point where the tail meets the remainder of the body while it is standing.

Q5. Is It Worth Buying Hoodies For Basset Hound?

Ans: It is possible to have your dog match a piece of clothing that you are wearing. For many individuals, the hoodie is a new style, and you may get one for your dog. These hooded sweatshirts make them look really fashionable.

Final Thoughts

Choosing basset hound dog clothes may be something that you find unexpected as a pet dog parent. After all, we have this notion that dogs don’t need them. But in reality, clothes protect our pets from the harsh elements of the outside world, much like the same way human clothes does to us.

Thus, if you can afford to scour stores for hours just to find the perfect dress, then you surely have time to do the same for your basset hound. Happy shopping!