Imagine your particular Zen space inside the home or in the backyard. You go there to relax, meditate, and just take your time to slow down. Now, think of the basset hound kennel as your dog’s Zen space.

A basset kennel or crate is a place where your precious pooch can spend their “me time” undisturbed. That is if you introduce them to crate training properly. Doing it is easy.

But the challenge when it comes to training basset hounds, in general, is the fact that they can get easily distracted when they found a scent they want to follow or when they merely see the training as uninteresting. That is when a basset hound kennel or crate comes in.

Benefits Of Having A Basset Hound Well Made Kennel

Teaching them to get familiar with the crate might just be the breakthrough you need to keep the obedience training easier. However, this benefit can only happen if you choose the right crate. Here are other things your dog can get that hopefully would convince you to invest in a good basset hound kennel.

Helps In House-Training And Potty Training

As previously mentioned, a good basset hound kennel or crate can tremendously help as you teach them the household rules. First-time puppy owners can first introduce the crate as the place where the pup would sleep. Once it is used to the crate’s presence and the uses it brings, you can now widen your dog’s boundaries by either putting a barricade or adjusting the playpen into a larger size.

In time, your dog would get used to roaming around the house. As for potty training, you can use the basset hound kennel as you teach your dog where to “go.” If it still has no idea or it is not yet used to taking potty in your assigned area, you cannot allow your pooch to roam around the house.

You must keep it inside the basset hound kennel until such time it can go to the potty area unsupervised. Do remember not to use the basset hound kennel as a form of punishment or cage. For your pup to associate the basset hound kennel as a place to sleep and escape from the hustle and bustle of the house, you must only partner it with good memories.

To do this, be with your dog every step of the way until it is used to being locked inside the basset hound kennel (that means no barking and whining on its part). We discussed how to do this precisely in this article.

Prevents Your Dog From Ransacking The House

Yes, your dog is cute and plain adorable. That is until it rips your favorite shoes or priceless vase to pieces. For this matter, having a basset hound kennel around can help ease the burden of you having to be there guarding your dog all the time to ensure that it would not destroy anything inside the home.

If you cannot keep an eye on your dog since you have to do some errands, have it stay inside the basset hound kennel instead. That way, you can leave without worrying if your pet just turned your house upside down.

You can also use the basset hound kennel as a way to keep your dog away as you do your household chores. That way, it will not disturb you or add up to the mess you are trying to remove.

Keeps Your Pet Safe From Outside Stimuli

We all know that dogs hate thunder and lighting. They also do not like loud noises like fireworks and ambulance sirens.

While you cannot remove natural phenomenon like thunder away from your dog’s sense of hearing, you can help ease their anxiety and panic when hearing loud noises by making them comfortable inside the high anxiety dog crate. A familiar space it can call home would be a perfect way to quench its impending fear.

To keep the dog comfortable and peaceful while inside the kennel, you can put inside its favorite toys, food, and other possible distractions that could take away its mind from the outside noises. Of course, you must keep the basset hound kennel in the most soundproof room in the house.

But it’s not just a natural phenomenon which can become an outside stimulus for basset hounds. Often, human activities can be “loud” enough for them to feel anxious. For example, basset hound puppies are sometimes too small to be noticed.

Your pup may end up being trampled by family members during the busy hours of the day. You can prevent this by providing a basset hound kennel your pooch can use to get away from all the drama in the “human” house.

Teaches Them That It’s Okay To Spend Some Time Alone

Dogs also need some “me time” just like humans. However, most of them do not know or understand that spending a few moments of the day alone while inside the basset hound kennel is beneficial to its mental health.

Teaching them the importance of “downtime” is beneficial because it shows them not entirely to rely on their humans but on to their instincts. Independence is not a bad thing for basset hound since it forces them to relax, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moments when they are with their owner.

Transporting Your Dog During Outdoor Activities

Perhaps the most obvious and beneficial upside of investing in a high-quality basset hound kennel is the fact that you can easily carry your dog that will stay inside it. Unlike seatbelts that are commonly used to secure pets while inside the car, a basset hound kennel is a compartment where they can freely move around and play.

Moving around, especially during long trips, helps in preventing blood clots and muscle fatigue. Fastening your dog on a seatbelt would tremendously acknowledge these effects and more. Not to mention that your basset hound would get bored out of its mind.

What To Look For In A Basset Kennel

With so many types of basset hound kennels or crates to choose from, it can be overwhelming and confusing to pick which one would be the best for your pet. Here are some criteria you can watch out for as you go shopping for a new basset hound kennel or crate.

1. Materials Used

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of types of basset hound kennels you can buy at the market today. We will introduce each one below.

Wire Crates

This type of basset kennel, as seen in the name, is made up of hard wires that are arranged about 1 inch or so apart. These are good choices for dogs who feel hot and sweaty a lot since the gaps can help circulate air while they are inside.

Also, depending on what brand you buy, some models have a collapsible version of it, making the wire crates easier to disassemble and pack for long, winding trips.

Wire Crates

The downside of wire crates is that they are easy to break out of. Your basset hound may end up chewing the wire while angry or anxious, which can grow into an unhealthy habit.

Also, because it is very open, your basset hound’s excrement may end up spilling over outside the cage. This would give you more headaches during cleanup.

Plastic Crates

This type of basset hound kennel is a perfect crate for dogs who prefer a comfy, quiet, and private space to doze off. The solid plastic walls can trap heat and warmth during the winter-a perfect spot for snuggling. It can also keep the insides soundproof.

Plastic crates are a favorite courier for pets subjected to airline travel. If your family tends to fly around a lot with the family basset hound, it is more practical to buy this one.

The disadvantage of having a plastic crate, though, is that there is limited air circulation.

Plastic Crates

Your dog might end up getting hot and suffocated while inside. Dogs who also like to observe their surroundings as a form of distraction might not like staying inside a plastic crate.

Most models are windowless or have tiny holes for air circulation. Not to mention that they are not easy to clean in case your basset hound end up doing potty in there.

Soft-Sided Crates

This type of basset hound kennel may be the comfiest out of all of them. For one, it can be made from a highly-breathable fabric, which makes the insides cool enough to sleep in. Plus, it’s softer to snuggle in. There are no gaps that can be uncomfortable to sleep on.

And because it is made up of soft materials, you can easily disassemble and transport them in any way and place you like. Sadly, its material is also the exact reason why it may be disadvantageous to use for loud, untrained basset hounds. They can easily rip it out with their nails and teeth, plus it’s difficult to clean in case of a potty accident.

Soft-Sided Crates

Heavy-Duty Crates

If you have a high-energy, destructive, and rowdy dog, this type of basset hound kennel is for you. It has the benefits of both the wire and plastic crates while offering a more secure space for your dog. However, these benefits come with a hefty price tag. Still, if you prefer investing in a sturdy basset hound kennel instead of buying a new one in case your dog chews out the door wires, this one is a worthy investment.

Each type of basset hound kennel has its own share of strengths and weaknesses. Weigh them according to your dog’s personality, temperament, and unique needs.

Heavy-Duty Crates

2. Safety

Before purchasing your next kennel, you should go for the escape proof dog crate along with the durability of the material. For example, is the door tight or shut enough to keep your dog in?

Do you think your basset hound would be able to solve the puzzle that is “how to open my basset hound kennel door”? Can it keep predators out (other dogs, cats, loud kids) or at least make them safe inside as they close in?

These are essential questions you must take into consideration as you look for the best basset kennel for your dog. Strong materials doesn’t equate to safety. Make sure that your dog is safe from any possible danger while inside.

3. Size

What size crate for basset hound? For this, you must think about two things: one, it should not be too small that your dog would not be able to stand up straight or roam around while inside, and two, it should not be too large that your basset hound can turn the one side of the crate as potty since it’s too far from the other side.

Most vets recommend that you buy a 36-inch basset kennel, which is classified under the medium size in dog crate manufacturing. Still, it wouldn’t hurt to go a bit bigger than that as long as you meet the things stated above.

A 36-inch dog crate is the most recommended size for basset hounds. However, don’t limit yourself to this proportion. Your basset hound must be able to walk, stand, and sleep comfortably inside.

Top Recommendations For A Basset Kennel

Now that you have the criteria in choosing the best basset hound kennel, here are some of our top recommendations you can start looking into.

Internet’s Best Wire Dog Kennel

Created by Internet’s Best, this wire crate is a collapsible and foldable basset hound kennel that has two doors at the front and sides. It comes with a tray underneath which could serve as a catch basin for dirt, bits of food (in case your dog eats inside), and possibly some potty products.

Once the tray shows signs of dirt, you can just remove it from the bottom, clean it thoroughly and let it out to dry, then voila! It’s ready to go again.

MidWest Life Stages Metal Dog Crate

Another strongest dog kennel recommended by most owners, this product has almost the same features as that of the first recommendation.

But what makes this unique is that it has a divider you can use to keep your pooch at one side. This is beneficial for pet parents who basset hound puppies. As you know, they don’t need much space.

Why not instead of buying a larger crate afterwards, get this dog crate you can easily adjust as your pooch grows up?

How To Care For The Kennel

Just like your home, your basset hound would need to have a clean space, too. And unlike us humans, it cannot do so on its own. It is your responsibility as its owner to keep its nicely made kennel spic-and-span. Here are some tips on how you can do so.

1. Replace The Bedding Regularly

Dogs who have wire crates as a kennel may need to have a bedding for a comfortable sleep. Look for linens you can quickly throw in the washing machine. Also, watch out for those that are made by fabrics your dog can easily rip out.

And to further help the environment, they only outsource materials that have fair trade laws and are eco-friendly.

2. Wash The Inside Of The Kennel

If you bring your basset hound outside, the dirt and bacteria can transfer from the outdoors to the crate. Before allowing your dog to rest inside the crate, wipe it with a damp washcloth. After using, clean and sweep the kennel floor to whisk away the dirt you might have missed.

3. Keep The Top And Sides Dust-Free

Kennels that are made of plastic can easily catch dirt on the top and sides. This could trigger an allergic reaction, especially to sensitive basset hounds.

To prevent this from happening, wipe the crate with a damp towel before and after using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Choose A Dog Crate?

Ans: A dog crate (also known as a kennel or a dog cage) is a container for your dog that is made of metal, plastic, wire, or cloth and has a door through which your dog can be secured and carried securely.

Q2. What Dog Crate Size Do You Require?

Ans: It should be large enough to provide your dog with plenty of room to move around without being overly enormous. Your dog should be able to relax straight without hitting his head on the ceiling, turn around easily, and fall asleep on his side with his paws stretched out without feeling cramped.

Q3. Which Dog Crates Are Often Used For Traveling?

Ans: Plastic dog crates are the most common type of travel crate, especially for air travel. When you buy a plastic crate, check the paperwork to see if it’s ‘airline certified’ for this use.

Q4. Which Dog Crates Are Highly Portable?

Ans: Soft-sided crates are also more convenient for travelers because they can be folded flat and weigh virtually nothing, making them a highly portable solution.

Q5. Are There Different Styles Of Dog Crates?

Ans: Available in several different styles with choices for differing old-fashioned furniture hardwood products, there are many choices to provide your dog with their own space without compromising the look of your residence.

Final Thoughts

The tips and tricks stated here is something you can use not only when you acquire your kennel. You can also use this as you look for crates your other pets can use as well. Still, the type of crate you need would much depend on your basset hound’s personality and temperament. That is why it is essential that you know your dog well.