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Most pet owners spend adequately on pet food, but unfortunately, ignore the need for the Best dog bowls. The focus needs to expand, as the dog bowls are actually an important aspect of feeding practices and good health.

Veterinarians and manufacturers have spent considerable time studying dog behavior, feeding requirements, and the relation between bowls and feeding behavior before designing bowls. For instance, it may be necessary to control and condition the eating speed and habits of certain breeds, like the Basset Hound at a certain age.

This may be necessary to condition the pet and to ensure that it does not overheat/consume food at high speed and fall sick. For all-round development, good health, and hygiene, it is mandatory to have the right dog bowl.

The size of the pet, the nature of the feed, the behavior of the pet, and the floor type are all important aspects that need to be considered when choosing a pet bowl. Here is a nice look at our top picks of the best dog bowls.

Reviews of Top 5 Unique Dog Food Bowls

1. Kleanbowl Dog Bowls Kinn

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This is one of the most revolutionary designs and is regarded as one of the top rated unique dog bowls. A sustainable, and eco-friendly design, this is one of the top-rated dog bowls that offer the highest levels of hygiene. It comprises a frame made of stainless steel with a rubber grommet to keep the frame from skidding.

Disposable food and water bowl made from sugarcane fibers fit into the metal frame snugly, giving you a clean pet food and water bowl. By virtue of being disposable bowls, you receive the highest levels of hygiene for your puppy food bowls. The bowls are free from all bacteria, ensuring that your pet consumes food in the most sterile bowls. It is hard to get this level of hygiene from other plates – it would actually require the use of a lot of hot water and more time to clean bowls to match the hygiene levels of this model.

Standout Features

  • Fully sustainable, disposable and compostable material.

  • Perfect snug fit in the metal frame.

  • Anti-skid rubber grommet.

  • Literally nil maintenance, disposable refills.

  • A suitable size of bowls for all pet sizes.

  • Super convenient, suitable for liquid food/water.

  • Highest levels of hygiene – prevents disease.

2. Elevated Feeder IRIS Non-Spill Dog Bowl

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Some pets are small in size and find it easy to keep their snouts down for a long time. For instance, breeds such as the Basset Hound and Beagle are genetically inclined to sniff for a long time without experiencing neck strain. However, there are other bigger breeds that will find it difficult to keep their heads down for a long time.

It would be strenuous on such breeds to eat from bowls that are at floor levels. Some pets may have problems related to the neck and may find it difficult to bend their necks while feeding or drinking water. The IRIS elevated feeder sorts out multiple problems with an innovative design.

Made out of durable plastic, the elevated feeder can be assembled easily and as per the exact requirements of dog size. The easy to clean bowls are of sizes that are intended to meet the food requirements of different sizes and breeds of dogs.

Standout Features

  • Three different heights to suit dog sizes.

  • Easy to assemble and dismantle.

  • Durable material is sturdy and supports weight.

  • Recessed slots for placing feeding bowls in the stand.

  • Space around bowls to collect spilled food water.

  • Ease of maintenance of bowls and stand.

  • Stress-free eating experience for pets.

3. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

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These are the no-frills weighted dog bowls, that assures simple maintenance and dual use. You can use the bowl to feed liquid diet/water to your pet and you can also use the bowl for a regular diet. Made of stainless steel, this bowl is the bare basics model that does the job efficiently.

If you have Basset Hounds as your pets, the hyperactivity of the pets during feeding time may make the dog food bowls skid and tip over. It is, therefore, necessary to rely on these models. The anti-skid rubber beating on the base prevents the bowl from skidding away on slippery surfaces. The broad and widening base ensures that the bowl stays firm on its base with the perfect balance, ensuring that the bowl will not tip over.

The stainless steel offers assurance that the bowl will not rust, and cleaning it is perhaps one of the easiest tasks, helping you to spend more time with your adorable Basset Hound pets One of the most convenient, affordable dog bowls, the simple to use and maintain models can be easily used outdoors and cleaned quickly.

Standout Features

  • Perfect size to feed most dog sizes – small dog bowls and large-sized pets.

  • No tip model ensures the floor is clean, and the food is not wasted.

  • A rubber grommet prevents damage to the floor and prevents skidding.

  • Stainless steel offers anti-rust protection.

  • Easy to clean design of the bowl.

  • Dishwasher friendly.

4. URPOWER Stainless Steel Dog Bowls Fitted In Silicone Mat

best stainless steel dog bowls

Continuing our focus on steel bowls, we profile this pair of Stainless Steel dog bowls by URPOWER. Fitted in a silicone mat, the pair of bowls offer complete protection against skidding. This is extremely useful for use in homes where the floor is extra slippery.

The design advantage is the pair of bowls that permit pet parents to place food and water at the same time, dispensing with the need to wash out a bowl after a feed, for filling water. This is a great way to take care of pets that like to drink water in between, like Basset Hounds that are voracious eaters.

The extra large dog water bowls ensure that pet owners need not to refill the bowl to feed a pet during a meal. Pets lap up water and this action may result in the water splashing around the bowl. The mats prevent the water from running off onto floors, ensuring greater hygiene.

Standout Features

  • Silicone mat offers superior grip, prevents skidding on smooth surfaces.

  • Pair of bowls permit filling of food and water at the same time.

  • Ease of maintenance makes cleaning a breeze.

  • Prevents water runoff through raised mat design.

  • Ideal size suitable even for big breeds.

  • The adequate distance between both bowls.

  • Anti-rust stainless steel material..

5. IDEGG Collapsible Dog Bowls

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Pet lovers are known to take their pets on outdoor trips. Camping and hiking trips often rely on the use of gear that takes up lesser space. In other words, most outdoor gear involves designs that are foldable and expandable which can be packed into a smaller space, without impacting the actual usage.

The capacity needs to remain the same, while the space required for the gear needs to be less. If you are looking for cool dog bowls, the collapsible dog bowl by IDEGG is a great option for pet parents who travel with their pets outdoors.

Manufactured from food-grade silicone, the foldable and expandable silicone dog bowl offers the same capacity as a regular bowl, but will require very little space and can fit into backpacks easily. The design and shape of the bowls make them easy to maintain and clean.

Standout Features

  • FDA approved bowls make it absolutely safe for pets.

  • Food grade silicone has a high tolerance limit for heat.

  • Easy to clean and wipe dry with a smooth surface.

  • Accordion design makes the bowl compact when folded.

  • Expanded size offers capacity for big sized pets.

  • Ideal for outdoor camping with carabiner and clips.

Tips To Choose The Best Dog Food Bowls That Are Most Suitable

Now that you have checked out the top choices of dog bowls, it is time to understand what makes a good dog bowl. One size never fits all, and by extension, no design can ever fulfill the requirements of all. In other words, it may be difficult to identify a universal bowl that can meet the requirements of pets of all sizes and breeds.

It is necessary to identify the most suitable bowl for your pet, based on the size of your pet, the age, the habits, special requirements, the conditions in your home, the ability to clean and maintain the bowls, and the durability of the bowls. Here is a deep dive into various key aspects that determine the suitability of bowls for your pet.

Dog Bowl Size

Bowl Size

This happens to be a consideration of the highest priority when looking for the best dog food bowls. Imagine opting for a pet bowl that is so small in size that you have to repeatedly fill the bowl with food for a large-sized pet. Similarly, imagine placing an oversized food bowl for your tiny pet – the poor animal will clearly be overwhelmed and find it difficult to access the food and water.

It is, therefore, necessary to choose a bowl of the right size. It is important to note here that size means all dimensions, and the capacity of the bowl – the height of the sidewall, the overall circumference, the depth of the bowl, and the capacity need to be taken into account. Bear in mind that the capacity should be calculated in terms of one meal/feed.

You should not place feed in bowls that are intended for the whole day. Similarly, the water that you fill should actually be at levels that will last for around four hours. Water stored in open bowls beyond four hours may not be a very healthy option.

Bowl Material

Bowl Material

There are two aspects that need to be considered when looking at the material of the bowl. The material needs to last long considering that unattended pets may try to move the bowl around, scratch, or gnaw at the bowls. The material also needs to facilitate ease of maintenance.

For instance, a bowl that is made of stainless steel is easy to maintain and will also last longer. A ceramic bowl is easy to maintain and clean, but can only be used when you are sure that your pet will not tip it over or use force on it.

Plastic bowls may be a cheap option and may also be easy to clean, but are not the most durable among materials. Dogs may find it easy to chew the material and this will also result in health issues if the plastic is consumed.

Bowl Design

The bowl design is of paramount importance. If you choose a bowl that will rest on the floor, you need to choose one that will not tip over. A pet may rest its paws on one end of the bowl or attempt to drag the bowl closer. If the design is not right, the bowl may tip over, spilling the contents onto the floor.

It is, therefore, necessary to pick one with a wide and sturdy bottom, in a design that is meant to prevent it from tipping over. Similarly, the interior shape of the bowl impacts the eating experience of a pet. The shape needs to permit the pet to easily consume all the food.

Designs need to be smooth and flowing. The ideal interior design is one where the bottom is narrow and the top is broad. This will give the pet easy access to the contents, while at the same time creating the balance in the bowl to prevent it from tipping over.

Dog Bowl Design

Overall Design

This is different from the bowl design. For instance, elevated feeders are meant to permit large pets to consume food and drink water easily. Similarly, pets with neck stress or injuries will find it easier to eat from elevated feeders. The use of anti-skid silicone mats in the design help pet parents to get over the problem of skidding bowls.

This happens to be one of the practical issues that we have noticed among pet parents. The use of rubber grommets and anti-skid mats is a great way to tackle the skidding of bowls. Another revolutionary design is the use of disposable refill bowls that fit into metal frames. Disposable bowls are generally lightweight and not stable – the bowls tip over easily.

The use of a metal frame to hold the disposable bowls in place offers pet parents the advantage of disposable bowls and sturdy frames. This helps to create a healthy and hygienic environment for pets. This is most suitable for pets that are susceptible to falling sick quickly as a result of poor hygienic conditions.

Similarly, certain pets are known to have an acute sense of smell which impacts their feeding behavior. The use of disposable bowls helps feed such pets better. These are some of the top considerations that you have to bear in mind when identifying the right dog bowls for your pet. Other considerations are the usual filters that one may employ when zeroing in on a product.

The brand value, reputation, and quality of the product are some of the typical considerations that one generally relies on when making a choice. Outlined below are some of the frequently asked questions of pet owners regarding pet food bowls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to avoid bacteria buildup in a pet bowl?

The right material and design of a pet bowl will greatly help to avoid build-up of bacteria in a pet bowl. The surface needs to be smooth, free from scratches, lines, and indentations.

The surface needs to permit easy cleaning and maintenance. While it is true that most pet owners spend time cleaning the bowls, it is necessary to understand that very few have the luxury of spending a long time in cleaning hard to access areas of a pet bowl.

Therefore the bowl needs to be simple, uncomplicated and made of the right material.

Advantages/disadvantages of disposable pet bowls?

Disposable pet bowls are a great advantage of pet parents who need to offer a very sterile feeding environment for pets.

For instance, a pet that is just recovering from a surgical procedure, or a pet that fall sick frequently as a result of poor hygienic conditions, a pet parent who does not have the time to clean the bowls, or a dog owner who is an advocate for environment friendly actions will find disposable pet bowls most useful.

The flipside of disposable pet bowls are the costs involved. A disposable pet bowl that can be slotted into a metal frame offers greater convenience and meets requirements as spelled out above.

However, as the bowls are non-reusable, it involves using a bowl for every single feed. This makes the option expensive. However, it is often the best option for certain categories of users.

The ideal height of a dog food bowl!?

The ideal height at which a dog should be able to eat its food is around six inches from the height of its shoulders. In other words, the height at which the dog should reach its bowl for food and water should be around six inches lesser than the height at its shoulder.

Some breeds of hounds are meant to keep their snouts low to the ground most of the time. These breed varieties will have no problems in having food from bowls on the floor. However, for other tall varieties, you could use the six-inch calculation to work out the ideal height of the food and water bowl.

Are slow feeders effective?

Slow feeders are an effective way to condition and train a pet that has the habit of grabbing quick bites. Some pets, including Basset Hounds, are known to swallow mouthfuls of food at high speed after taking in as much as possible.

This is likely to cause bouts of indigestion and bloating as the food is not even chewed. Here is all that you need to know about the best food for Basset Hounds. While pets have a powerful digestive system, it is necessary to ensure that food is consumed at the right speed and volume.

This will help to keep the pet as healthy as possible. Slow feeders basically prevent pets from swallowing the mouthful of food. The access to the amount of food in the bowl is restricted through small compartments and patterns that limit the quantity of food in each section.

Consequently, pets get to eat lesser quantities of food at one go, and this helps to condition and train the pets to follow the same behavior as it grows. The overall quantity of the food remains unchanged, it is only the amount of food that goes in every time that differs. Slow feeders are effective and can be used if pets display fast eating behavior.

Is it better to have separate bowls for food and water?

It is advisable to have separate bowls for food and water. Most pet parents are likely to fill the bowls with food and water and replenish it after some time. A pet may not be in the best of mood/health every single day and it is highly likely that the pet may consume the food in smaller portions on any given day.

In the event that you use a single bowl for food and water, it would be difficult for you to leave water for the pet when the bowl contains food. It is, therefore, necessary to have two separate bowls for food and water which will help the pet to eat as per its mood and health condition.

Force feeding of a pet is not a good idea unless the pet is sick and needs nutrition to survive in certain health conditions, where the loss of appetite will make the pet refuse food. You can have bowls of the same size and shape for food and water, or you can also pick different bowls for food and water. This will have no bearing on the pet’s habits.

What should I look for in a pet water bowl?

When looking for the best dog water bowl, the shape of the bowl is most important, the material and the capacity needs to be checked. The ideal shape of a bowl for water/liquid food for a pet is one that is broad at the top and tapering as it goes down.

It needs to be completely smooth and free from any sharp edges or splinters (in wood bowls). This needs to be checked because pets are known to lick bowls dry when thirsty or if the liquid food appeals to them.

Sharp edges or splinters are likely to cause severe pain and discomfort to a pet and will seriously affect the feeding habits of the pet. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure that you pick a bowl made of the right material when you intend to use it for water/liquid food.

Our methodology for arriving at the top dog food bowls featured on this list

We have carried out extensive studies on pet behavior and have sought the opinions of vets before looking at the various models of pet bowls. Different pets have different feeding behaviors. For instance, a Basset Hound is regarded as slightly difficult to train when it comes to eating habits.

This is because of the hound lineage and the fondness for eating. Similarly, a large pet may sometimes shy away from eating because of the strain involved in the neck.

We have therefore identified bowls that meet the specific requirements of most pets through a very diverse choice of top-rated bowls. From best slow feeder dog bowls to elevated feeders, to basic bowls, we have covered all the important categories of bowls to help pet owners choose one that is most suitable.