Man’s best friend has evolved over the years and pets are now not as tough as their ancestors at the time of domestication. While the instincts of dogs remain unchanged, the adorable creatures that were used to living in harsh weather conditions have slowly adapted to living in relatively comfortable conditions. Consequently, it is necessary to give your pets more care and protection from the elements. Pet parents generally take precautions to keep their pets off the outdoors when it rains or snows.

However, it is necessary to keep the pets warm in inclement weather. Thankfully specially designed sweaters are available to give your friends the protection necessary. Profiled below are the top-rated warm dog sweaters to help you pick the best available.

5 Warmest & Cutest Dog Sweaters for Winter


Stinky G Aqua Blue 2. STINKY G AQUA BLUE

#1 Handmade Dog Poncho

The Best Dog Sweaters

Nothing quite beats a handmade dog poncho made from genuine Mexican blanket. The ponchos are designed for the small sized pets, and will keep the tiny, delicate breeds nice and warm even in harsh climatic conditions. The unique design of the serape blankets gives8 an alluring look to the pets, with comfy Velcro straps holding the sweaters in place all the time. These small warmest dog sweaters are ideal for small sized pets such as the Basset Hound .

Cost of Product – $19.99 USD on Amazon

Dog poncho

Standout features:

  • Handmade, and hand-cut to size for perfection
  • Original Mexican Serape Blanket material
  • Velcro strap holds the sweaters firmly in place
  • Suitable for smaller sized pets
  • Keeps pets warm and comfortable

#2 Stinky G Aqua Blue

Best Dog Sweaters

These cutest dog sweaters offer greater warmth and comfort to pets by virtue of the double knitting. This also offers greater durability to the sweater and offers greater value for money. The sweater is intelligently designed with a provision for inserting the leash through a hole in the sweater. This helps pet parents to take the pets outdoors without having to remove or adjust the sweater. Maintenance is a song as the double knitted material can be machine washed, making it one of the popular dog sweaters.

Cost of Product – $10.99 USD on Amazon

Stinky G Aqua Blue

Standout features:

  • Double knitted for greater warmth
  • Available with sleeves and without sleeves
  • Can be machine washed
  • Has hole on the back for inserting leash
  • Greater durability, value for money

#3 Chilly Dog

Best Dog Sweaters

This is one brand of sweater that offers sizes suitable for all varieties of breeds and sizes. From small sized pets to large sized pets, this brand offers 100% woolen sweaters. The advantage of woolen sweaters is the unmatched warmth that the material provides. The natural material keeps pets warm while not causing any allergic reactions that may be seen in synthetic material, taking this to the list of high-quality Dog sweaters.

Cost of Product – $27.06 USD on Amazon

Chilly Dog

Standout features:

  • 100% woolen sweaters
  • Use of organic dyes makes this a fully natural product
  • Available in different sizes for all pets
  • Affords comfortable levels of warmth for pets
  • Needs to be hand washed for greater durability

#4 Blueberry pet hooded sweater

Best Dog Sweaters

This is a revolutionary design with hood, making it super convenient for owners who wish to take their pets outdoors in extremely chill climates. The acrylic material offers a high level of durability, in addition to offering ease of maintenance with machine washable qualities. The leash hole in the back of the sweater allows freedom of movement without reducing the warmth factor.

Cost of Product – $12.99 USD on Amazon

Blueberry pet hooded sweater

Standout features:

  • Innovative hood design for greater warmth
  • Acrylic material offers greater durability
  • Easy to maintain, machine washable material
  • Leash hole on sweater for greater mobility
  • Designer sweater with attractive marled knits

#5 Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest

Top Dog Sweaters

This is one of the easiest to wear and remove models of sweaters in a vest design. The fleece material is stretchable, which means that the fit is snug and cozy. The closure is unique with a pullover design, which ensures that the covered portion is kept fully warm. The easy to maintain sweaters are machine washable, dispensing with maintenance hassles.

Cost of Product – $19.62 USD on Amazon

Gooby Stretch Fleece Vest

Standout features:

  • Full closure model offers complete warmth to covered portions
  • Different sizes suitable for pets of varying sizes
  • Unique pullover design is easy to wear and remove
  • Stretchable fleece material makes the fit snug
  • Easy to maintain, machine washable material

Most suitable and cool dog sweaters for Basset Hounds

Among the more adorable pets, Basset Hounds rank high with the droopy eyes and long ears giving a tinge of melancholy look to a naughty and hyperactive breed. The instincts of the hound make it an outdoors lover and it helps to keep your Basset Hound cozy and warm with a nice sweater. By virtue of the size that puts it in the small dog category, you can use any sweater that fits pets uptfo 15 inches size, with weight category between 40 and 60 pounds. Sweaters designed for tiny pets, such as Pekingese or Yorkipoo are not suitable for Basset Hounds, for additional information on Basset Hound clothes navigate here.

Tips to choose the best warmest dog sweaters for your pets

When it comes to choosing the best dog clothes in the market, you need to check out certain features. Pet parents should go by what is suitable for pets of a particular size, behavior and warmth requirements.

A sweater that is suitable for one breed may not necessarily be the best for another. Here is how you can zero in on the best model.


The material of the sweater needs to offer the right level of warmth for a pet. Choose material that offers greater warmth if you have a smaller pet, as it may need to keep itself warm during inclement weather.


The closure of the sweater will determine the cozy qualities of the sweater. If you want one that offers greater protection, choose the best selling dog sweaters with full closure. This will keep your pet warm compared with other closure models.


The maintenance of sweaters is of paramount importance. You need to keep the sweaters clean to prevent unhygienic conditions and possible allergic reactions. Choose a sweater made of the material that is easy to wash and maintain.


A sweater design that has an impact on the movement of your pet may not be the most suitable one. The whole purpose of the sweater is to offer complete mobility to your pet while keeping him/her warm in inclement weather. Choose a design that permits the leash/harness to be used comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions about dog jackets

What temperatures are considered as too cold for pets? Are special sweaters for puppies available?

Temperatures below 20 deg F place all pets, regardless of size, at risk of hypothermia. The only exceptions are the breeds that are native to extremely cold climates. Small pets that are native to warm climates need to be given protection when the temperatures dip below 32 deg F. There are special sweaters meant for puppies which need to be chosen carefully as per specific breed behavior.

What are the symptoms of a dog in unnaturally cold conditions?

The ears of a dog are the best method to check if your pet is cold or warm. This is the first indication of the pet moving into uncomfortable cold conditions. The movements of pets generally become sluggish with colder temperatures.

Which breeds of dogs are prone to get cold faster?

As a rule of thumb, smaller dogs are bound to get colder faster than large sized dogs. However, it is important to note that the coat type and the amount of fur have a bearing on the cold experienced by dogs. The pedigree and the conditions that are native to the breed also have an impact on the extent of cold that a dog experiences.


How we identified the top five of the popular dog sweaters for listing here?

The number of sweaters available in the market is numerous and we carefully filtered the best selling models. We looked at various parameters in our search for the best sweaters. This included the material, the finish quality, the ease of maintenance, the possibility of allergic reactions to pets, the weight of the sweater and the fit. A snug and cozy fit offer greater warmth and we looked at the closure design to understand how the comfort levels are increased. The ease with which the sweaters could be worn and removed and the design features that supported/impeded the mobility of the pets were also considered when we chose the best selling models.

Finally, we looked at the availability of sizes and the suitability for small sizes/large sized pets. After very careful consideration of all the parameters, we homed in on the five featured sweaters after checking out the brand reputation and the costs.