Pet parents find themselves confused between choosing a dog collar or a harness. For new dog owners, both appear the same. However, it is important to note that a dog collar and a dog harness are not exactly the same. A harness is useful for training, but for routine purposes, a collar is an ideal choice. Pets may find it a bit uncomfortable to wear a harness all day, especially if the pet is a breed with a coat of lengthy fur.

Choosing the right collar requires consideration of many factors. A substandard collar may snap when you take your dog for a walk, or the loop may come undone, resulting in unwanted tension. A sturdy, comfortable and durable collar of the right size and material is very important for your pet.

We have assessed the best selling models in the market and put together a list of the top Dog collars to help you choose the most suitable one for your furry friend.

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Unbiased Reviews Of Five Of The Top Rated Dog Collars

heavy duty dog nail clippers 1 Padded Genuine Leather Dog Collar – Soft Touch
best dog toenail clippers 2. Solid Color Dog Collar – Blueberry Pet
best nail trimmer for dogs 3. Padded Leather Dog Collar – Perri’s
puppy nail clippers 4. LED Dog Collar – Illumiseen
best nail clippers for dogs 5. Personalized Dog Collar – Custom Catch

#1 Padded Genuine Leather Dog Collar – Soft Touch

There is something about genuine leather that places it several notches above all other material. Genuine leather does not cause any discomfort to pets and is gentle on the coat. Snug fit collars can remain on a dog for as long as possible, without affecting its routine actions.

The best aspect of genuine leather collars are the strong, sturdy and durable nature of the material that is yet gentle on pets. Soft Touch padded genuine leather dog collars are classic, manufactured without the use of harsh chemicals. The buckles and ring in the belt are held in place firmly, giving you the reassurance of complete safety.

These belts will be of great use when walking pets of most breeds, especially the large-sized breeds, making it one among the popular Dog collars in the market.


Standout Features

  • Soft sheepskin leather padding for extra comfort

  • Option for dog tag on the collar

  • Rust free lacquered buckle and D-ring

  • Natural tan leather dispenses with chemicals and dyes

  • Lifetime guarantee

  • Attractive two-tone design with firmly sealed edges


2. Solid Color Dog Collar – Blueberry Pet

Heavy duty dog collars are sometimes necessary for pets that strain on the leash and collar. Rather than choosing a choke or prong type of collars, it would make sense to have a firm and sturdy collar with a proper leash. This will allow you to safely walk your pets while ensuring that they do not experience any kind of discomfort or choking sensation.

The Blueberry Pet Solid Color Dog Collar is a heavy duty model that comes with innovatively designed buckles that allow you to release the buckles quickly. The high-density webbing assures high durability, while the recycled plastic used in the buckles makes it an eco-sensitive product among the best selling dog collars.

The collar is available in sizes that are suitable for pets of all sizes. Strong buckles and D rings combine with the material to make the entire collar an heavy duty accessory. Pet parents of small breeds such as Basset Hounds will find this collar more suitable and durable for hyperactive and naughty pets that try to nibble at everything. For further information on the adorable Basset Hounds take a look at this page.


Standout Features

  • Customization with embroidered name and phone number

  • Sizes for pets of all sizes

  • Durability – high-density webbing, strong buckles and D rings

  • Quick release buckles offer convenience

  • Eco-friendly – recycled plastic on buckles

  • Simple maintenance and cleaning


3. Padded Leather Dog Collar – Perri’s

Another padded leather model, this comes in more appealing designs and is ideal for pet parents who love to outfit pets in attractive and comfortable accessories. The lambskin padding offers extra comfort to pets and will certainly be ideal for pets that are more inclined to luxury.

The number of color combinations available in Perri’s offers you an extensive choice of models to suit the exact coat color of your pet. You may want a contrasting hue or a shade that blends in naturally with the coat color.

The soft padding ensures that when you take your pets out for a walk, your pets will not feel uncomfortable when straining against the leash. The high-quality leather offers durability and comfort packaged in attractive designs for a great accessory, making it to our list of superior dog collars.


Standout Features

  • Sheepskin leather padding for extra comfort

  • In-built attachment for dog tag

  • Genuine leather, the natural tanning process

  • Solid brass detailing for long life buckles and D ring

  • Superior workmanship with a perfect finish in stitches

  • Sizes for pets of all sizes, and weight categories


4. LED Dog Collar – Illumiseen

We take care to include innovative designs and models in our list of the top five products in our reviews. This LED dog collar is intended to offer greater protection to your pets when moving around in the night, especially when not on a leash.

This is suitable for pets that love to run around freely and will help drivers to spot the pets from a distance and avoid running over your pet. The LED strips are powered by rechargeable batteries. The USB rechargeable batteries offer continuous lighting for five hours on a full charge.

The durable collar is sturdy and fully adjustable making it suitable for pets of all sizes. The LED lights offer three different modes, depending on actual use – steady, flashing, slow flashing. This helps to draw greater attention to the pets as necessary.


Standout Features

  • Offers greater safety to pets during nights with LED lights

  • USB rechargeable battery offers great convenience

  • 03 adjustable light modes, gives flexible options

  • Durable material, with firmly affixed LED strips

  • Sizes suitable for pets of all sizes and breeds

  • Fully safe and flexible LED assures complete safety


5. Personalized Dog Collar – Custom Catch

Pet owners have a great affection towards pets and never miss the opportunity to shower their pets with care. Personalized dog collars help pet parents who raise many dogs on the same premises.

The use of personalized collars also helps pet owners to avoid confusion when walking or leaving the pets free in parks. While the pet owner may be able to clearly distinguish his or her pet from among hundreds of the same breed and size, it is important to be able to prove that the pet is indeed yours when others are confused. This is where Custom Catch’s personalized dog collar comes in handy.

The leather collars are engraved with contents as desired by the owner. This keeps the details safe on the collar without apprehension of embroidering or attached tags falling off. You get to choose the font style for complete personalization.


Standout Features

  • Various sizes suitable for pets of different breeds and sizes

  • Personalized collars permit owners to have desired content on collars

  • Engraved leather ensures content stays long

  • Genuine leather and high-quality buckles offer greater durability

  • Choice of fonts for a distinct identity

  • Aesthetic colors and design with an attractive and appealing finish


Most Suitable Personalized Dog Collars For Basset Hounds

One among the more adorable breeds, the Basset Hound is a pet that attracts pet owners instantly. As a small-sized dog that is generally raised indoors, you may need to have a collar on it most of the time, and especially when you take it outdoors.

When it comes to the choice of the right model of dog collars for your Basset Hound, you will find it convenient to make your choice. The relatively smaller size and weight category mean that you can choose any collar that comes in the right neck size. This effectively means that you can choose a collar made of leather, or synthetic webbing.

However, it would be a good idea to choose best personalized dog collars that have soft padding as this will give your pet greater comfort and luxury, and avoid the abrasive quality of synthetic collars. It would also a good idea to consider belts with flexible LED lights as this will ensure that your pet is visible to you and to drivers on roads when you take it outdoors in the nights.

If you wish to gift a friend or relative who owns a Basset Hound, the collars will be a good idea. Additional gifting tips for Basset Hound owners are available in detail here.

Tips To Choose The Best Dog Training Collars For Your Pets

The five models of dog collars featured above are among the top-selling leather dog collars in the market. Before you go about choosing a dog collar, it is important to understand various aspects that go into making a good and suitable dog collar for your pet.

It is as much a question of suitability as it is of the features that make a model stand out. Here is a good look at some of the features that you need to consider when you choose the right dog collar for your pet.

Type Of Material

The material needs to support the strain that will be exercised on the leash. In other words, if you choose a collar that will expand or stretch considerably, the dog may slip out of the collar. It is, however, necessary to choose a material that is fully flexible.

Leather collars are certainly a very good choice. Similarly, synthetic webbing material also offers adequate support to your pet. Never settle for cheap material that is likely to turn brittle with exposure to the sun.

Similarly, material that can be easily sliced through are never to be chosen. This will ensure that the leash/buckle/D-ring does not cut into the material.


The buckles and D-ring on the collars need to be lacquered and of a material that will prevent it from corroding or rusting. Buckles that rust can be a problem for the pet, and cause allergies, in addition to the need for cleaning the coat.

Hardened and recycled plastic are also used in certain models. This is also a good choice. Certain buckles come with the added advantage of quick release functions, which makes it easy for pet parents to swiftly undo the collar.

Innovative Features

Innovative features are certainly a plus point that you may consider. For instance, a dog collar that permits you to display tags or details – the name of the pet, your phone number or other details will certainly be of great use to you, especially if you happen to be raising many pets.

Similarly, other features, such as LED lighting on the collars are certainly added features that can increase the safety of your pet when you take it outdoors in the nights.

Not only will it help you to identify your pet and locate it from a distance, but it will also afford an additional layer of security to the pet as drivers will easily spot the flashing LED lights and avoiding running over pets that venture onto the roads.

Collar Sizing

Here it is essential to use a thumb rule to select a collar of the right size. After the collar has been worn around the neck of your pet, you should be able to insert two fingers underneath it. This will ensure that your pet does not experience mild choking sensation in certain positions and angles.

A collar that is tightly worn will certainly create discomfort in your pet. It is therefore essential to choose a collar that is one size larger in case the neck circumference is a perfect fit with the size of the collar.

Maintenance & Durability

Without exception, all accessories need to be maintained. It is therefore essential to choose a collar that requires very little or simple maintenance. This could be the cleaning of the portion that is in contact with the coat of your pet.

This could be the buckles that require cleaning, or the slots for the tags. The material of the collars determines the extent of maintenance required. This also has an impact on the durability of the collar. Therefore check out this aspect thoroughly before you make your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Dog Training Collars?

Dog training collars are collars that emit a shock or vibration that will control a pet and help it training it to be obedient. The best dog training collars are those that permit the owner to remotely control the shock/vibration in the collar with a device from a sufficiently long distance of at least 1500 feet. This will help to give the pet ample freedom to move around while still being in a position to condition and discipline unruly pets. The top brands of dog training collars include Ticent, Vinsic, Pet Resolve, and the AVA No Shock Collar.

Who Makes The Best Leather Dog Collars?

A leather dog collar is a class by itself and this makes it all the more important to choose the right brand and model of leather dog collars. The most popular models are collars made from genuine leather with comfortable padding and durable stitching that will last long, despite the possible straining on the leash. Top brands include the featured Perris, Soft Touch, Viosi, Signature & Magnus.

What Is The Best Dog Shock Collars For Training?

Pets need the training to transform from hyperactive, inquisitive and sometimes indifferent dogs to disciplined and well-mannered pets. This may need a little bit of conditioning, through the use of shock collars or anti-bark collars for a short period of time. These collars help to train a pet into understanding the difference between undesirable conduct and proper behavior. This helps pet owners to dispel apprehensions about pet behavior at later stages. Dog shock collars for training deliver a little shock to the pets through the collars and the type or duration of the shock can be set as per requirements, considering the age and size of the pet. The best dog shock collars for training, available in the market include Petrainer, Bark Solution, and iPets.

The Methodology We Followed For Compiling This List Of The Top Dog Collars

We followed an effective and proven method for filtering and compiling a list of the best dog collars. The first consideration that we carefully scrutinized was the material.

Pets need to have collars made from materials that do not cause any allergic reactions. The second factor that we checked was the ability of the collar to hold back a straining leash on pets of different weight categories.

The five collars that we have shortlisted enjoy the reputation of supporting pets of different weights. We then looked at the visual appeal of the collars, followed by options of personalization to give pet parents greater customized products. Our list of the top five collars includes one that is innovative and unique.