Basset hounds are one of the most distinct dog breeds thanks to their short legs. Despite this, they are under the category of large breeds, which means they can grow up to 75 pounds. To reach that weight goal, you, as their owner, must provide them with the best dog food for basset hounds. Back in the day, basset hounds are bred to be hunting dogs. Their sharp sense of smell plus the fact that their short legs make them slow walkers qualified them as a hunting companion for folks who could not afford to hunt on horseback. Thanks to this daily jobs, basset hounds keep their long, slender figure, and their strong joints and legs.

Today, basset hound dog breeds are not much of a top choice for hunting dog jobs anymore. They are now used as family companions, often soaking in the presence of their respective packs as much as they could. Because of this, plus their tendency to overeat, make them highly prone to obesity and other health problems.

One of the best ways to keep your basset hound healthy and happy is to give them the best dog food available in the market today. In this article, we will provide you with our top recommendations that can deliver the promise of a balanced diet.

what is the best recommended basset hound food

Health Challenges Of Basset Hounds

As previously mentioned, dog experts classify the basset hounds under the large breed. It can weigh from 45 to 75 pounds, and grow up to 14 inches once fully grown. You can blame their shortness in stature to their short, stubby legs, which are a result of a genetic disease called achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism.

Because of the disease, basset hounds are highly prone to bone problems, particularly patellar luxation, a condition wherein the kneecap is not correctly aligned with the thigh and calf bone which can result to bowlegs, and wandering lameness, an elusive bone illness that can only be seen among basset hound puppies.

Also, we previously stated that obesity is also one of the possible problems in this breed. The additional weight can become detrimental to their legs in the long run. The added pressure can stress their legs some more, and in time, it might not be able to support them properly. This can result in the bone diseases stated above.

Requirements: Nutrition Basics For Basset Hounds

Now that we know the health problems that plague the dog breed, it is time to discuss what nutrient should you look for your pet, if you want the best bassets health food.

Nutrition for Basset Hounds

Glucosamine and Chondroitin

One way to prevent these bone problems is to strengthen their bones with the help of nutrition. For this, you may need dog food or supplement that is fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin. These two substances help in improving the cartilage which can be found on your dog’s joints.

It also has an anti-inflammatory effect which is beneficial for basset hounds who are suffering from joint pain. If you found a dog food that has glucosamine and chondroitin in their ingredients, take it as a sign that it’s one of the perfect dog food for basset hounds. We cannot stress enough how important these two are in your pet’s diet.


Of course, we cannot forget the three primary nutrients that animals like dogs need to survive. Dogs like basset hounds rely on protein as their primary source of strength. It also bulks them up and gives them the right amount of muscle they need to move around and support their relatively weak bones.

According to The Association of American Feed Control Official recommendations (AAFCO), a dog food must have about 22% of protein to qualify as the best dog food for puppies, and 18% of protein just to be included in the basset hound dog food.

For dog show candidates and those who work as police dogs, the protein content should be higher. The protein source is as essential as the amount as well. It must come from meat sources like chicken, turkey, beef, or pork. Exotic meats like venison could do just fine, too.

TIP! To know if the dog food has meat as its primary source of protein, look at the ingredients list. If the first three ingredients are meat sources AND it doesn’t have “by-products” attached next to it, then it is likely that the protein comes from meat.

Why avoid those who have by-products you say? Most dog food experts noted that by-products could come from any part of the meat. For example, a chicken by-product could include a mish-mash of other body parts such as head, beak, feathers, tail, internal organs, and feet. Most dog food manufacturers use these factory leftovers as fillers to increase the protein content of the meat. For these experts, by-products are a no-no.

best recommended basset hound food diet


Unlike humans, basset hounds (and dogs in general) use fats as their primary energy source rather than carbohydrates. The best dog food for basset hound puppies should have at least 8% of fat per serving while for adults, it should have 5%. But just like protein, the amount is not the only thing that is important.

The source is just as essential as well. Fats that contain high amounts of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids are more beneficial. These two substances are responsible for keeping your basset hound’s skin and fur healthy and lustrous. Aside from its role in providing fuel, fats also add flavor to the dog food. Yes, dogs care about that as well. Nobody wants to eat something bland especially if you are going to eat it every day.

TIP! Unlike meat by-products, fish by-products are okay to add because of their fatty acid content. Just make sure that no sharp dog food bag contains no sharp fins or bones before consumption.


There are no strict requirements when it comes to the amount of carbohydrates that makes it a brand the best dog food. However, like other nutrients, the source of the nutrient is essential, especially if your pooch is extra sensitive to gas-inducing foods such as fiber and grains. To avoid being on the receiving end of a dog’s smelly gas, look for digestible carbohydrates like oats, brown rice, and potatoes on the ingredients list.

TIP! Carbohydrates can also come from fruits and vegetables. The more varied these two are in the ingredients list, the better. It shows how holistic they are in providing enough nutrients for your pooch.

Our Personalized Best Puppy Or Adult Food For Basset Hounds

With so many brands out there who produce only the best formulas, it can be difficult to choose which would satisfy the needs of your basset hound more. We narrowed down the list to help you decide further what formula to purchase.

Criteria Now Fresh Grain Free Large Breed Adult Recipe Victor Yukon River Salmon & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Dry Dog Food ACANA Wild Prairie Regional Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
How much fat? (Best = 5%) 13% 15% 17%
How much protein? (Best = 22%) 27% 33% 35%
First 3 ingredients De-boned turkey
Whole dried egg
Menhaden fish meal
Sweet potatoes
Chicken giblets
Does it have glucosamine and chondroitin? Yes None Yes

1. Now Fresh Grain Free Large Breed Adult Recipe

Petcurean, a Canada-based company make this specific dog food formula. It was formed in 1999 by a family whose only goal is to provide the best dog food for hounds breed and other dog breeds as well while being economically and environmentally sustainable. They also created a line of cat formula for furry kitties.

The three main ingredients for this specific formula by Petcurean are:

  • De-Boned Turkey

    Turkey is a good source of protein. We like the fact that they didn’t include the bones in the whole process since it can become a choking hazard. Unfortunately, white meat, when cooked, loses much of its moisture content, causing it to shrink considerably in size. This can affect the overall protein content.

  • Whole Dried Egg

    This ingredient is not really a real dried-up egg. It comes from shell-free eggs that were pounded and dehydrated to become powder. Eggs are an excellent source of protein, and the body quickly absorbs them.

  • Potatoes

    Since it is the third ingredient, potatoes could carry the considerable bulk of the carbohydrate content. It is classified as a digestible carbohydrate so dogs that have sensitive stomachs can consider this as the supreme dog food for this breed. We would also like to mention that coconut oil is the primary ingredient that may be responsible for fat content.

    Coconut oil is a medium-chain triglyceride, which is known to contribute to improving cognitive function and boosting brain power in dogs. This recipe also has New Zealand green mussels plus glucosamine and chondroitin which is useful in promoting bone and joint health of your basset hound. It also has L-carnitine that can help burn excess fat during exercise. Owners who have dogs that are suffering from obesity can say that this is the healthy dry dog food for basset hounds.

What makes it the recommended dog food for basset hounds? The L-carnitine is a unique addition to their formula. This product is suitable both for highly active and sedentary basset hounds that should lose a lot of weight.

2. Victor Yukon River Salmon & Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

The VICTOR company has been around in the pet food game since the 1950’s! With all those decades of experience behind them, it is not surprising that their name is already out there and their products have developed into a superior quality brand. Their dog food formula is the most popular among dogs who participate in police training and dog show competitions.

The three primary ingredients in this particular VICTOR formula are:

  • Salmon

    We all know that salmon is good for the heart thanks to its abundance in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It also gives the same effect to your basset hound. Aside from the high-quality fat, salmon is an excellent and healthy source of protein.

  • Menhaden Fish Meal

    Another excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, menhaden is a type of fish that grows in the mid-part of the ocean. Because of its habitat, menhaden has little to no exposure to mercury, a dangerous liquid metal that commonly contaminates creatures that live in the sea.

    A note on the “meal” part. A meal is a short-term for meat concentrate. Because it is a compact and dried version of the actual meat, it has almost 300% more protein.

    So once you see a “meal” attached next to a particular meat source, you are sure that the formula has high protein content.

  • Sweet Potatoes

    This root crop, just like potatoes, is classified under digestible carbohydrates. This, along with the fact that the formula is grain-free (and it is-we checked), makes it the good dog food for them with sensitive stomachs.

    Aside from the fact that it contains high amounts of fat, this dog food formula has prebiotics that aid in digestion and promote overall gut health. It also boosts the efficacy of the immune system in fighting infections and other pathogens that threaten to harm your beloved pet.

What makes it the ideal dog food for basset breed? This specific formula has probably the healthiest fat source out of all the three. You are sure to have a basset hound that has a healthy skin and coat!

3. ACANA Wild Prairie Regional Grain-Free Dry Food

ACANA is actually a company created by Champion Pet Foods in 1975. The latter is an award-winning and well-recognized pet food company in the whole world. Thus, most people expect that ACANA (and its sister company, Orijen) would follow the same standards the mother company used to keep the trust and quality of the products high.

The first three ingredients for this formula are:

  • Chicken

    Chicken is a meat source that is a healthy and suitable source of protein. However, like other white meat, it contains a lot of moisture. So once the machine cooks and processes it, it loses a lot of its weight, making it shrink in size. That means it has a little or average amount of protein.

  • Turkey

    Like the chicken, meat, turkey contains a lot of moisture that tends to melt away once the process of adding it in the kibble begins. Thankfully, with the mix of chicken meat, the protein content of the formula goes higher at least.

  • Chicken Giblets

    Giblets are composed of the meat source’s liver, heart, and kidney. While these three organs contain high amounts of protein and possibly some fat as well, it may include a lot of contaminants, particularly the liver. In the body, the liver serves as a filter of the blood. It removes excess and foreign substances, processes them into a safer material, then brings it back to the bloodstream to aid in some bodily functions.

    The kidney also serves more or less the same purpose. Unfortunately, even after getting it from dead meat, you cannot be sure if the contaminants are appropriately removed or not. Despite this uncertainty, ACANA still boasts about the high standards they use to produce their pet food formula.

    They consider it to be of human-grade; meaning, whatever measures that humans do when manufacturing their food are the same standard they use to create their pet food. This, I believe, makes this product the better dog food.

    With this in mind, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Those livers and kidneys are safe to consume, after all.

What makes it the top quality dog food for basset hounds? The rich variety and amounts of meat they use as a protein source show their commitment to providing a well-rounded and balanced diet to their pet consumers.

Top 3 Foods For Basset Puppies With Reviews

If you read the nutritional requirements section carefully, then you know that there is a difference between the best dog food for basset hounds and the puppies. Pups need more protein than adults because their bodies are still growing and developing. The nutrient is the primary building block for them to achieve just that. That is why we have a separate section for our recommendations on the top dog food for basset hound puppies.

Criteria CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Foundations Puppy Formula Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy Health Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold Formula
How much protein?(Best = 22%) 30% 25% 26%
How much fat? (Best = 8%) 12% 16% 14%
First 3 ingredients Chicken
Menhaden fish meal
Lamb Meal
Chicken Meal
Chicken meal
Chicken broth

1. CANIDAE Grain Free PURE Foundations

CANIDAE is a Texas-based company formed in 1996 by a family who is committed to providing only the freshest and best ingredients in the puppy food for basset hounds. Their products are safe for consumption even by the most sensitive dogs and pup, making it the perfect puppy food.

The first three main ingredients of this puppy formula are:

  • Chicken

    This meat has a high moisture content that gets lost during the processing so you might end up with less than average amount of protein.

  • Menhaden Fish Meal

    Combining the chicken meat protein with the protein from menhaden fish meal can already complete the target protein amount set by AAFCO, if not more. Not to mention the fact that it also contains considerable amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which help in enhancing and maintaining healthy skin and hair as the basset hound pup grows up.

  • Lentils

    These legumes are excellent carbohydrate sources. They are also rich in fiber which aids in digestion and smooth bowel movements-a welcome advantage for a pup in potty training. Lentils can also contribute a substantial amount of protein to the formula as well.

    Because of the hypoallergenic ingredients, this specific puppy formula is an excellent choice for puppies who are about to transition towards eating solid food. It is gentle in the stomach, and it promotes bowel movement.

What makes it the top-foremost dog food for basset hound puppies? The formula contains only nine food ingredients plus vitamins and minerals. They believe that by keeping the ingredients list as small as possible, the chance of developing food sensitivities and allergies lessen.

2. Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed

Holistic Select is a company that has been around for over 20 years. Aside from providing proper nutrition through their pet food formulas, they are also committed to promoting healthy digestion and immune system. They create products that are gut-friendly and helpful in inducing bowel movements.

The three main ingredients you can find in this particular formula are:

  • Lamb Meal

    Lamb meat is already an excellent source of protein in itself. The meal form, however, makes it 300% more valuable in providing the nutrient. With this in mind, it is safe to say that this alone can take up most of the protein content of the whole formula.

  • Chicken Meal

    As if using lamb meal is not enough, the company also added chicken-also in meal form! This food is one of the best puppy food for large breeds.

  • Oatmeal

    True to its promise of promoting gut health through their pet food formulas, the company added oatmeal to the mix. The ingredient is a type of whole-grain that is rich in fiber, an essential substance if you are inducing regular bowel movements in your body.

    Oatmeal is also rich in B-vitamins which play a significant role in different bodily processes. It is also important to mention that this puppy food contains salmon oil. Salmon is an excellent source of DHA which plays a vital role in brain development and eye health. Basset hound puppies would need the additional boost.

What makes it the best quality dog food for basset hound puppies? The formula is an epitome of the company’s promise. That is to make our lives easier by helping our pups release their bowels with ease. This is helpful especially if you prefer bringing your dog out every 2-3 hours instead of providing a potty or litter box.

3. Fromm Large Breed Puppy Gold Formula

The Fromm family has a vibrant history. I will spare you the details of all of it and keep it short and sweet by saying that their company is the pioneers of creating the all-granular pet food. They are the first ones who figured out how to combine meat and grains and form them into the kibble we know today. The first three ingredients you can find in the ingredients list of this particular formula are:

The first three ingredients you can find in the ingredients list of this particular formula are:

  • Chicken

    Chicken meat has less than the ideal amount of protein you should see in a puppy formula. It should be used and combined with other protein sources to meet the AAFCO recommended amount of protein per serving.

  • Chicken Meal

    As if having chicken meat alone is not enough, Fromm decided to add a meal version of it. Chicken meal has 300% more protein than the actual meat (which is the first ingredient, fortunately), making the overall protein content of the formula substantially high.

  • Broth From Chicken

    Generally speaking, chicken broth has little to no contribution when it comes to the total protein content of the recipe (although it could add a bit on the fat content). Still, manufacturers like Fromm add it to pet food to enhance the flavor and to provide additional moisture to otherwise dehydrated and unpalatable food.

    The formula also contains salmon oil that contributes to the overall fat content, not to mention that it improves the quality of your dog’s skin and coat. It is fortified with probiotics to aid in digestion and enhance the gut health.

What makes it the better dog food for basset hound puppies? Did you know that they just change the formula of the Fromm Gold Line this year? This gesture exhibits their continuous commitment to providing only the best pet food that could satisfy your furry baby’s nutritional needs.

Here Is A Video Of Feeding A Basset Hound

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Is The Best Basset Hound Dog Food?

Ans: The finest basset hound dog food

  • Natural Grain Food from Wellness Core.

  • Purina One Smartblend is a blend of Purina One and Purina One Smartblend.

  • Mature Dog Food Blue Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

  • Fun Feeder for Outward Hounds Dog Bowl with Slow Feeding and Interactive Bloat Stopping.

Q2. Is It A Healthy Idea To Feed Your Dog Acana Wild Prairie Grain-free Dog Food?

Ans: Utilizing locally sourced meats, this dish is high in protein. 60 percent of the Acana Wild Prairie Grain-Free Dog Food is meat and/or fish. A well-known product that feeds your dog a healthy and balanced diet.

Q3. Is It Better To Go With Now Fresh Grain-free Large Breed Dog Food?

Ans: Fresh salmon, turkey, and duck are used to make Now Fresh Grain-Free Large Breed Dog Food. It also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from plant sources like coconut and canola. This dog food is ideal for Basset Hounds because it keeps their bellies full, their energy levels high, and their joints in good shape.

Q4. Is Victor Yukon River Salmon And Sweet Potato Grain-free Dog Food The Best Choice For Your Dog?

Ans: Victor Yukon River Salmon And Sweet Potato Dog Food is a nutrient-rich option for energetic Basset Hounds. This meal exceeds your dog’s everyday needs, containing 15% fat, 32% protein, and 34% carbohydrates.

Q5. Is American Journey Grain-free Dog Food A Good Option?

Ans: American Journey is a favorite of both humans and dogs. Because it’s made with deboned chicken, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and other ingredients, your basset will enjoy it. You’ll appreciate how it has a full complement of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other essential nutrients.


With so many dog food formulas out there, it is difficult to choose which among them is the best dog food. But the good thing about the competition for your attention is the fact that it elevates the standards when it comes to providing the best dog food for basset hounds.

It is not about mudslinging the competitor. It’s about releasing the best formula you can work on. And you, as a consumer, reap the benefits of healthy competition in the market. Now, that’s a significant advantage!