The length of your dog’s nails needs to be trimmed and maintained at the proper length always. There are many compelling reasons to have the Best Dog Nail Clippers for their owners. Pets scratch themselves with their paws, and untrimmed nails can cause scratches and bruises, especially on the ears.

If your dog’s nails are lengthy, it will find it uncomfortable while walking as the nails will push back and cause pain. Additionally, lengthy nails can make it difficult for your pet to have proper traction indoors on smooth surfaces. The nails will cause the pet to slip while walking as the paws will rest improperly on the floor.

Trimming of the nails does not require an expert groomer but can be easily handled at home. You can use the services of a groomer for intensive grooming and pet care, but periodic and regular trimming can be easily performed by you at home with the right trimmer. We have compiled a list of five of the top Dog ToeNail Clippers here to help you choose from the best ones available in the market.

dog toenail clippers

Compare 5 Best Nail Clippers For Dogs

heavy duty dog nail clippers 1. URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Clippers
best dog toenail clippers 2. Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper
best nail trimmer for dogs 3. GoPets Nail clippers
puppy nail clippers 4. Resco Deluxe Dog Nail Clippers
best nail clippers for dogs 5. Enjoy Pet Dog Nail Grinder

#1 URPOWER Rechargeable Pet Nail Grinder

A revolutionary automatic best dog nail trimmer, this offers pet parents the options of reducing the nail length finely through grinding. A little on the time-consuming side, this rechargeable, automatic, diamond bit nail grinder offers users the twin advantage of giving the desired finish to the nails, while shortening it safely.

A regular nail clipper is most likely to leave a sharp edge to the nails, making it necessary to gently file the ends, to prevent self-inflicted injuries to the pets. With this model, the nail shortening action is itself achieved through grinding action, which means that the nails will not have a sharp edge.

This model will be of great use to pet parents of breeds like Basset Hounds – for more information on the lovable breed, check here. The model is suitable for use on hardened and tough nails, with attachments to use for nails of different sizes, and is one among the Best Dog Nail Clippers in the market.

The rechargeable nail grinder works for three hours on a full charge, allowing pet parents to handle all nail shortening requirements on a single charge. The model is cordless, giving you greater flexibility, and comes with controls for different speeds, permitting pet owners to use the right speeds when handling nails of varying hardness/shape/size.

heavy duty dog nail clippers

Standout Features

  • Rechargeable, 3-hour single charge, recharge indicator.

  • Diamond bit nail grinder.

  • Muted sound levels.

  • Suitable for nails of all sizes.

  • Dual speed for greater flexibility.

  • Round and smooth edge, eliminates the possibility of self-inflicted scratches.

  • Does not cause pain or discomfort to pets.

heavy duty dog nail clippers

2. Millers Forge Quality Nail Clipper

Owners of large size pets would find it necessary to have a nail clipper that tackles hard and tough nails with ease. Heavy duty dog nail clippers are often required to cut nails at high speed, without any fuss. This is where the featured model scores big. It is the best nail clippers around for large dogs with thick nails.

The blades offer one of the cleanest and sharpest nail cutting experience. They are efficient – you can cut through the toughest nails without crushing.

The alignment of the cutting edges is designed to permit usage by the left and right-hand users. The handle offers a firm grip, permitting users to quickly cut nails.

Certain pets may not co-operate with owners when it comes to clipping nails, and it may be necessary to finish the cutting as quickly as possible. The Millers Forge Quality Clippers permits you to cut the nail in one go, after positioning the cutting edge on the exact position smoothly.

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best dog toenail clippers

Standout Features

  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel German blades.

  • Suitable for large-sized dogs.

  • Precision cutting with sharp edges.

  • Offers a firm grip with a perfect handle shape.

  • Does not crush nails.

  • Swift cuts, in one single action.

  • Stress-free nail cutting of non-co-operative pets.

best dog toenail clippers

3. GoPets Nail Clippers

In the effort to cut nails swiftly, most dog owners clip the nails in haste. This runs the risk of snipping through the “quick” of a dog’s nails. This is basically the core of the nail that has an important role in nourishing the nail and aiding in the sensations.

If the quick is snipped through, there is every possibility that the dog will experience pain and discomfort, in addition to the possibility of cutting off the blood vessels. By using this dog nail clippers with sensor it is possible to avoid that risk. The design of the nail clippers offers pet parents a clear view of the portion that is about to be snipped and the uncut portion.

It is possible to discern the pink-colored core of the nail and clip nails at a position that clearly avoids the “quick”. Manufactured from superior quality blades, the precision cutters are the favorites of professional groomers and veterinarians making it one of the superior Dog Nail Clippers. The heavy-duty blades are durable and require no sharpening, offering a long lifecycle with the same results in every single session.

best nail trimmer for dogs

Standout Features

  • Clear visibility of actual location where the nail will be severed.

  • Rugged blades last a lifetime.

  • Anti-slip handles offer the perfect grip.

  • High-quality blades offer sharp precise cuts with perfect alignment.

  • Complimentary dog nail file for smoothening/rounding of cut nails.

  • Offers perfect 45 deg cut for comfortable movement of pets.

best nail trimmer for dogs

4. Resco Deluxe Dog Nail Clippers

This model belongs to the guillotine style of nail clippers that are known to offer the best results. One among the oldest brands of nail clippers, this is one model that is tried and trusted worldwide for the clean cuts.

The multi honed sharp blades ensure that the nails are not split during the process of cutting. One of the advantages of this model is the ability to replace dulled blades without having to go in for a new clipper.

The replacement blades are relatively inexpensive and can be replaced easily without any technical assistance. This model enjoys perhaps one of the best reputations in the market for nail clippers and has been the preferred choice of veterinarians and groomers.

The quality of the clean-cut, the safe and painless cutting quality, combined with the replacement options make this a great buy for a pet owner. This model is suitable for use on all sizes of pets, including the smaller breeds such as the Basset Hound. For more information about grooming tips for Basset Hounds check this page.

puppy nail clippers

Standout Features

  • Efficient guillotine-style nail clipping.

  • Replacement blades ensure the effectiveness of cuts remains uniform.

  • Suitable for pets of all sizes and age groups.

  • Preferred by professional groomers and veterinarians.

  • Sharp blades offer clean, quick, and painless clipping.

  • Handle design offers a firm grip that never slips.

  • Easy and convenient one-hand operation.

puppy nail clippers

5. Enjoy Pet Dog Nail Grinder

Another automatic nail clipper, this model offers pet parents the use of two different speeds to flexibly cut nails. The nail grinder can be charged through a USB port on a desktop or laptop, offering users greater convenience and dispensing with the need to hunt for a PowerPoint.

A full charge will keep the nail grinder working for almost three hours, which makes it convenient to easily grind cut all the nails of a pet of any size and age. The high speed grinding action allows users to cut even the toughest nails of any size.

Considered as safer than regular clippers, the nail grinder shortens the length of nails by grinding away layers. This offers safety to the pets by eliminating the risk of cutting into the “quick” of the nail and also offering a smooth and round edge. This ensures that the pet does not suffer from bruises during scratching.

best nail clippers for dogs

Standout Features

  • Two-speed grinding action.

  • Suitable for pets of all sizes.

  • Easy USB recharge option.

  • Layered grinding action eliminates the risk of slicing into the “quick”.

  • Smooth rounded edges prevent injuries to pets.

  • The portable and handy model offers superior convenience.

best nail clippers for dogs

Best Dog Nail Grooming Tools For Basset Hounds

Basset Hounds belong to the small breed category and hence you can actually use most of the dog nail clippers featured above. In the event that your pet does not co-operate, then you could try and use the nail grinder models to gently file away layers of the nails.

Remember to wash the paws of your hound before you use the clipper/grinder as the little adorable ones love to spend time digging the earth. You need to clearly see how much of the nail that you are clipping/grinding to ensure that you do not snip into the “quick” of the nail.

Tips To Choose Professional Dog Nail Clippers For Your Pets

The above five featured nail clippers are among the best selling Dog Nail Clippers available in the market and it is possible to clip and grind the nails of pets of any size, of any age and breed, with the above five products. Pet parents need to have an idea of what makes the best nail clipper for a particular pet.

A nail clipper that is suitable for one breed of dog of a particular size may not be the most suitable for another. It is therefore important that pet parents identify the model that is most suitable. Take a granular look at how one can identify the suitability of any model for the pet at home.

Sharpness of Blade

The blade needs to be sharp and tough enough to cut through the hardened nail. Poor quality nail clippers will end up crushing the nails instead of cutting through. This will cause severe discomfort and pain, and in the event that the nail is not cut, it will cause movement problems for the pet in addition to trauma.

The blades need to be of a material that will not dull after use. It is important to note that the blade size of nail clippers are typically small and it makes it virtually impossible to sharpen the blades without losing the precise alignment.

Handle Grip

The grip of the handle needs to be firm and anti-slip. The handles need to be nice and easy to grip without requiring extra effort for cutting. Remember that after the cutting edges have been locked into place if the handle slips there is a possibility of wrong cuts.

It is hence essential to choose a cutter that has a proper handle. Rubber coated handles and handles with recessed grips are a great safety option. You can easily cut through the nails without the risk of slipping and causing injuries. It is also necessary to choose a handle that is full, as thin handles are generally painful to exert pressure.


Automatic clippers offer an advantage for users to a certain extent. As a result of the grinding action, it is possible for the automatic clippers to be used to shorten the nails layers by layers. This offers users the advantage of trimming nails and grinding at the same time.

For instance, a pet parent who relies on a regular nail clipper may find himself/herself in a difficult situation if the pet refuses to co-operate after the nails have been clipped. In other words, the filing would remain incomplete and this may pose a risk to the pet. The use of automatic nail trimmers helps to avoid this situation.


The nail clipper needs to offer complete visibility of the nails. This will ensure that the nails are cut to the right size and the “quick” is not damaged/cut. It is essential to choose a clipper that will give you a clear idea of where the nails will be cut through. A very bulky or tall blade will obstruct your visibility and this will make it difficult for you to clearly see and cut through the nails. Choose one that has blades of the right size and thickness.

Force Requires For Cutting

The force that is required for cutting is an important consideration. For instance, when you choose a model of nail clipper that is spring-loaded, you will find it easy to quickly cut through the nails without having to use excessive force. The flip side of using a nail clipper that requires excessive force is the possibility of slipping and causing damage to the nails. Choose a cutter that is easy to handle. This will ensure that the nails are not crushed or split.

Quick Sensor” And Blade Thickness

A clipper with a quick sensor will offer an additional layer of safety for the pet as the “quick” can be easily identified during cutting. This will prevent the accidental cutting of the quick. The thickness of the blade is an important consideration.

A blade that is too thin may not have the force to cut through the nails. However, a very thick blade will make it difficult to identify the “quick” and the cutting edge. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a blade that is thick enough while ensuring that the cutting edge is clearly visible.

Durability And Storage Options

The durability of the clippers is of importance, as nail clippers are generally not considered as frequent repeat purchases. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a clipper that is durable, offering greater value for money. The storage option also needs to be considered carefully.

A pet kit that comprises the nail clipper should not result in accidental cuts or damage to other objects in the kit. In other words, the clipper needs to have a locking mechanism that will keep the blades closed and avoid the possibility of damaging other objects in the kit, or injuries to individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “quick” of a dog’s nails? What needs to be known about the dog toe nail grinder?

The “quick” of a dog’s nails are the core of the nails that comprise the blood vessels which supply nutrition for the growth of the nails. Additionally, the “quick” of the nails gives your pets the sensation in the nails. The quick generally recedes into the nail as the pet grows, but this may differ from pet to pet. It is best to identify the “quick” when cutting nails to prevent injury and discomfort to the pet. It is possible to speed up the process of quick-receding into the nail. This can be achieved through natural abrasion or filing of the nails, and by trimming the nails frequently – this will push the “quick” inside.

Which is the best angle to cut the nails of a dog?

A dog’s nails should not be cut straight/vertical. In other words, the nails need to be trimmed in such a manner that the shortening is parallel to the natural edge of the nail. The natural edge is horizontal to the floor and this is the most comfortable for a pet. If the edge is not horizontal to the floor, it will cause acute discomfort to the pet and will result in the pet losing traction while walking.

Why is it necessary to cut a dog’s nails periodically?

The nails of a dog need to be cut periodically to ensure that the nails do not fracture due to excessive length. Long nails can be painful for the pet, as the nails bend when the paws rest on the floor. Dogs are known to scratch and very lengthy nails can cause bruises and scratches on the areas where the dog scratches itself. Pets get traction during movement with their paws and nails; when the nails are long and overgrown, pets lost traction and find it difficult to move comfortably or at speed.

What is the ideal length of a dog’s nails?

Ideally, a dog’s nails should be of a length where it receives traction when it digs its paws on the floor. In other words, the nails should not touch the floor when the dog is on all fours on an ever surface. But, the nails need to touch the floor when the dog starts a gallop or when it is on an incline. It is important to note that the nails need to be cut at the right angle in addition to the desired length.

What needs to be done if the “quick” of the nails are cut by mistake?

There is no reason to panic if the quick of the nails are cut by mistake. While there will be discomfort and bleeding, the bleeding will stop after some time. The use of styptic powder is recommended to stem the flow of blood. The powder will induce clots to stop the bleeding. Pets are instinctive and are likely to lick wounds, it is therefore necessary to prevent the pet from licking, till the bleeding has stopped.

How to facilitate natural abrasion of nails for the quick to recede?

Natural abrasion is an effective method to facilitate the “quick” of the nails to recede faster. A pet that is raised on a home with adequate outdoor space will experience natural abrasion, resulting in faster receding. For instance, pets such as Basset Hounds are known to love the outdoors and will spend time moving around, clawing the earth or sniffing its way around.

This will facilitate natural abrasion. In the event that you do not have adequate outdoor space for your pet to move around, you could consider filing its nails periodically to bring about the similar effects of natural abrasion. Remember, filing for the purpose of inducing the receding of the quick, is different from the clipping of the nails.

How to make a choice between guillotine nail clippers and scissor action clippers?

Though both the types of nail clippers help pet parents to clip nails of pets, the difference lies in the action. By virtue of different actions, the Clippers are more suitable for two different categories of pets. Remember, both the Clippers can be used generally for all clipping needs, the two nail clippers are more suitable for different categories when compared with each other. For instance, the guillotine nail clipper is generally regarded as most suitable for shortening the nails of small to medium sized pets.

The scissor action clippers are considered as more suitable for large sized pets. Regardless of the type of clipper chosen for cutting the nails, it is necessary to choose one that offers a clear view of the nails and portion when the nail is likely to be clipped. This will prevent over cutting.

Is it necessary to file the nails after clipping?

It is essential to file the nails after clipping. This will ensure that the edges are smooth and rounded. Sharp edges will result in bruises and scratches. Pets experience a certain degree of natural abrasion and filing when they walk on surfaces, especially hard rough earth. When such nails are clipped with a scissor or guillotine nail clipper, the edges are bound to turn sharp, and this may result in possible self-inflicted injuries when the dog scratches itself.

Pets are known to scratch themselves, despite high levels of hygiene, and it is best to ensure that the nail edges are smooth and round to prevent injuries. The use of a file or an automatic grinding device can help to smoothen the cut edge of nails.

Our Methodology For Arriving At The Top Dog Nail Clippers Featured On This List

Our methodology for identifying the best among the top-rated nail clippers was multi-dimensional. We drew up a list of the best methods of clipping nails and the different sizes of pets and nail thickness. We sought expert opinion on the differences and advantages of the three different models of nail clippers.

We checked out the actual performance and the number of years that particular models have been around. The reviews of actual users and the quality of the blades used in different clippers were also analyzed. The time taken for clipping and the clean cutting nature were carefully observed to understand the action across different parameters before rating the same as fit for featuring on our list of the top five nail clippers.