Toys For Basset Hound

The short legs of a basset hound are prone to bone and mobility diseases such as patellar luxation (a condition wherein the kneecap is misaligned with the thigh and calf bone) and wandering lameness (an elusive disease that is common among basset hounds below two years of age).

To keep them busy and active, you can walk them around the neighborhood for an hour or two, or provide the best toys for basset hound available. But what makes a dog toy the best basset hound toy?

Are there specific toys that are made especially for their needs? Why do I need to buy one in the first place? We will answer all these questions in this article.

Top 5 Most Durable Dog Toys For Basset Hound

Now that we laid out the criteria for judging what are the best toys for basset hound, here are our top recommendations for you to start with. You can buy three toys first to test the waters then proceed with the other ones.

toy basset hound 1 NYLABONE FLAVOR
bassett hound stuffed animals 2. ZIPPYPAWS SKINNY PELTZ PLUSH TOY
best puppy toys to keep them busy 3. KONG CLASSIC RUBBER TOY
dog toys to keep them busy 4. PET ZONE IQ TREAT BALL
toys for hunting dogs 5. THE FROSTBITE

#1 Vet Recommended Gog Chews: NYLABONE FLAVOR

toy basset hound

Dog owners swear by the efficacy and durability of the chew toys made by Nylabone. They are indeed the perfect hound toys because of this. Depending on the type you buy, Nylabone chew toys have both edible and non-edible bones that your basset hound can find and ingest as it gnaws on the toy.

The product comes in different flavors, such as cheesesteak, bacon, and chicken, among others. It also comes in different sizes so you can freely choose what fits in your dog’s jaws perfectly. You can start at the regular size and go from there.

And did we mention that you can buy the Nylabone chew toy practically anywhere? It is cheap, too, so you can purchase as many as you like without making your wallet cry.

The Nylabone chew toy is perfect for them that do not need to be bribed by treats just to be quiet. If your dog is like that, make sure to have a lot of this in your pantry.

#2 For A Plush Toy Your Dog Can Cuddle And Rip Apart: ZIPPYPAWS SKINNY PELTZ PLUSH TOY

bassett hound stuffed animals

We considered these unique dog toys as one of the supreme toys for hound pets because of its durability and its dual ability to be used both as a chew toy and cuddle toy. Unlike other plush toys in the market, the Zippypaws Skinny Peltz plush toy does not have stuffing inside.

This makes it a safe bet for basset hounds who are extra strong and aggressive when it comes to chewing and ripping apart their “prey.” You also do not need to worry about your dog being choked by the artificial stuffing, either. What you do need to worry about, though, is the squeaker placed inside.

Most owners claimed that the squeaker could be easily damaged by frequent gnawing. You might have to be extra careful that your basset hound would not end up swallowing and choking on it.

Speaking of the squeaker, you might also have to keep this specific toy away during the night since the sound can easily be annoying and loud to the ears. Your neighbors may not appreciate the sound. Also, despite its durability, strong-jawed basset hounds can still destroy this plush toy by either removing the tail or the ears.

That is why we recommend that you only bring this out as a form of reward during obedience training. Or at least until you are sure that your dog would not end up ripping the toy to pieces.

Good thing this is affordable, though. You can also stock up on this one in case your basset hound keeps on destroying the current plush toy.

#3 For Mind Stimulation: KONG CLASSIC RUBBER TOY

best puppy toys to keep them busy

Kong toys are one of the most recognized dog toys in the market today. The company is known for their durable, mind-stimulating, and interactive toys that are sure to preoccupy any dog breed for hours on end.

Their most famous product, the Kong classic Rubber toy, is made up of durable rubber which is safe and sturdy enough to handle your basset hound’s strong jaws and teeth. The material makes it bouncy, so your dog might have to chase it around while playing it.

To make the most out of the toy, put your dog’s favorite treats inside and let your basset hound figure out how to get it on its own. The mental stimulation and physical exertion the toy can bring to your dog surely made them one of the enjoyable toys for them.

Like the Nylabone chew toys, the Kong rubber toy also comes in different sizes. You can freely choose which one would be safe enough to play with by your basset hound.

#4 For An All-In-One Brain And Tummy Food: PET ZONE IQ TREAT BALL

dog toys to keep them busy

If you want to give your basset hound interactive toys that are a bit more difficult than the Kong rubber toy, you should definitely give this one. Just like the Kong rubber toy, the IQ treat ball has a hole inside wherein you can put treats and other stuff you can use as a reward (perhaps a mini-plushie?).

Then, you can use the treat-filled ball as a toy your basset hound can chase. The fact that it has its favorite food inside makes the chase more worthwhile for your pup. If you don’t prefer playing chase with this ball, you can also give it as an ordinary interactive toy.

The outside crust of the ball is sturdy enough to handle chewing. Not to mention that the pockmarked indents and design can sharpen and clean their teeth!

The hard plastic core can also be disassembled easily so that you can clean every nook and crevice properly. Try the best interactive toy for basset hounds!

#5 For Chasing Moments: THE FROSTBITE

toys for hunting dogs

Does your basset hound love to pursue Frisbee discs? Yes? Then your dog will surely like this one. The Frostbite offers the latest technology when it comes to disc making. Unlike the ordinary Frisbee, the Frostbite is made of a softer material which makes it safer to catch and bite by any dog, basset hounds included. Why is it called the Frostbite, you say?

Well, this particular disc can keep its shape and texture even in below freezing temperatures. That way, you and your basset hound can still play Fetch even with all the snow! Finally, your dog has no more excuses to lounge around and stay fat during the winter months (that includes you, of course).

When it comes to flying discs, do remember that you need to replace it as soon as you see early signs of damage. Any puncture or splinter can change the quality of the “flying” the disc can give. Also, avoid offering the Frostbite as an indoor toy. Despite these warnings, we still believe that the Frostbite is one of the best toy game for basset hounds.

Importance Of Toys For Basset Hounds

A lot of veterinarians and dog experts can attest as to how essential dog toys are in a basset hound’s growth and development.

Dog Toys Stimulate Their Minds

There are many toys that can exercise their brain power while playing at the same time. Interactive toys such as Kongs and puzzles have small packets wherein you can put treats inside. To get the treat, your basset hound has to figure out how to open the toy, which is not easy.

Dog Toys Remove Boredom

As much as you would want to, you are not always around to interact and play with them. While dog toys cannot replace the love and affection a real human can give, it does help by providing distraction and entertainment while you are away for work or errands.

Without providing a distraction, your basset hound could become bored and destructive. It might end up gnawing your couch or knocking over your priceless vases just to keep itself busy. The best basset hound toys can help prevent instances like this.

Best Toys For Basset Hound

Dog Toys Can Be An Outlet For Their Instincts

Dogs have natural abilities that helped them survive over time and across civilizations. For basset hounds, their keen sense of smell and hunting abilities make them a priceless possession among common hunters.

But in today’s world, hunting dogs are not needed anymore unless you are a police dog. That doesn’t mean that you allow your basset hound’s ability to be dormant. By giving the best toys to your pet, you can provide an avenue for them to channel their instincts.

For example, to practice their hunting ability, you can hide their favorite toys around the house and let your basset hounds search for them. To give them relief for teething, you can provide chew toys that are durable and sturdy enough to withstand constant chewing. Finally, for female basset hounds, offer a cuddle toy they can use as their “child.”

Dog Toys Can Replace Treats

While food can become an excellent motivation to make your basset hound follow your orders, it is not always the best reward. For one, using treats all the time can provide an option for your dog not to listen to you, mainly when it is not hungry or interested in the gift you are holding.

Why not instead of using treats, bribe your pooch with one of its favorite toys as a replacement? You can give your basset hound the chance to play with its favorite toy for ten minutes or so if, say, it was able to “Sit” three times in a row. The toys for basset hound puppy can become a good motivation for them, too!

Dog Toys Can Help Burn Excess Energy

Basset hounds need at least an hour of exercise daily. Of course, if you are busy or are a working parent, you may not always be there for its daily walks (although we do recommend that you schedule time of the day where you can do so).

One way for you to burn the excess energy while providing a right amount of exercise at the same time is through dog toys. If you have a backyard or front garden (or even a large living room), you can use chase toys as a way to make them run and hop. Who says that Fetch is not possible to play indoors?

For chase toys, you may need to look for one that is sturdy enough to withstand the elements and your dog’s strong jaws. Luckily, there are toys for basset hounds that are qualified for this.

Dog Toys Improve Bonding Between Pet And Owner

Yes, there are dog toys that they can play on their own. Still, the good toys for the basset hound breed are those that they can play with their owner. Not only does it keep them exercised. These toys can also be an opportunity for them to bond with their owner. There’s nothing more beneficial than that in their eyes.

It’s not just healthy for your basset hound. Toys for basset hounds can also help you as well. Studies show that interacting with animals reduce stress and alleviate depression symptoms among working adults. Not to mention that it helps in shedding off those unwanted pounds.

Dog Toys Encourage Gentleness

Teaching your basset hound how to properly and safely play their toys is one way of teaching and encouraging gentleness. It can be an avenue for you to train them in socializing with children and other dogs who want to play with your basset hound.

In the case wherein you allow your dog to play with your kids, pick the best games for basset hound that have no choking hazard and made from non-toxic materials. You never know what could happen during playtime, so always err on the safe side.

How To Pick The Best Toys For Puppies

There are specific criteria you must meet before you can finally decide that a particular toy is the best toy for your pet.


For puppies, chew toys are the good toys for them. Puppies are still developing their teeth and jaw strength, so giving them a plaything that is sturdy enough to chew, bite, and literally rip apart is more beneficial at this stage of their lives.

Basset hound puppies are also notorious at being rowdy and loud, so keeping them occupied with chase toys could distract them. It also helps in dispelling too much of their energy. Once they are tired, the basset hound puppy is highly receptive to training.

Giving them interactive toys as they grow up can help in developing and sharpening their minds, enough to accept further training when you need to.


It is common sense to say that large toys that are suitable for Great Danes and Labradors is not the suitable for basset hound. For one, playthings that are bigger than their jaws may not be something that they will enjoy.

On the other side of the spectrum, giving them toys that are for small breeds like Yorkies and mini-Poodles may become a choking hazard if given as toys to this breed. To assess if the size of the toy is suitable for your dog breed, familiarize yourself with how wide your dog’s mouth can go.


Dogs, especially basset hounds, can be rough at play especially if you present them with a chew toy. That is why it is essential that you only buy basset hound toys that are durable, has no choking hazards, and can withstand the strength of your dog’s jaws, at least for a time.

Do remember that quality does not mean expensive, and cheap does not mean that it’s okay to buy substandard versions. Always balance the need with value for money.

Your Basset Hound’s Playtime Style

As previously mentioned, the best toys for basset hound are chew toys since they are constant chewers. They also love to eat so make feeding time a bit more challenging by using interactive toys. That way, they would work on their own food (although not literally).

A short video of basset hound puppy playing with toys

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Do You Keep A Basset Hound Entertained?

Ans: For Basset Hounds, engaging toys and games are great. Other characteristics to consider while selecting toys for your Basset Hound are their great need to eat. Treat-based interactive and puzzle toys are a Beagle’s fantasy.

Q2. Are Basset Hounds Chewers?

Ans: Basset Hounds are one of the canine breeds that despise being left alone. Some Basset Hound owners will notice that their dogs nibble on inappropriate things. If this is the situation, it is best to redirect them to something they can chew on and provide them with a variety of chewy toys.

Q3. Do Basset Hounds Like To Cuddle?

Ans: Basset Hound pups and grown-ups like cuddling and quickly bond with their owners and their entire family. Couch surfing and cuddling are two of Basset’s favorite pastimes. As your Basset Hound gets older, he will become less energetic, giving you more opportunity to cuddle with him.

Q4. Is The West Paw Zogoflexqwizl Interactive Treattoy For Dogs The Most Suitable Choice?

Ans: This West Paw layout chew toy is incredibly durable and could be ideal for your chewy dog. This chew toy gives mental stimulation and satisfies the innate urge with its durable Zogoflex rubber.

Q5. Is There A Better Option Than The Kong Classic Dog Toy?

Ans: This device maintains your dog healthy and emotionally busy with activities extending from inside chewing and reward dispensing to outdoor chaise and fetch sports.

Final Word

Basset hounds may not be the most active dog breed out there, often preferring just to lounge around next to their owner. Still, they need to have all the exercise they can get, and one way to do so is by giving them toys for basset hounds.

And with all the plethora of choices for dog toys out there, your dog really has no excuse not to keep itself busy, occupied, and well-exercised. You as an owner have the power to turn your basset hound from being a couch potato to an outdoorsy pup. Who knows, you might end up being an active individual as well.