best harness for Basset hounds

Due to their low gait and unique body structure, Basset Hounds can be challenging to walk. They aren’t fit to be leashed because aside from they’re not very physically active, their body is stocky. Also, basic leashes don’t help in stopping them from sticking their noses on the ground. With that, you need to get the best harness for Basset Hounds.

Even if you can pull strongly with a leash, this isn’t a good option for the Basset breed. They have thicker bodies and it would be difficult to communicate the message with the pulling. Aside from the problematic walking, leashes tend to damage the windpipe of Basset Hounds.

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Dog Harness For Walking & Pulling - Top Models Reviewed!

Adventure Dog Harness

best harness for Basset hounds

Front Range Dog Harness

best harness for Basset hounds

1. Chai’s Choice Best Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

We recommend Chai’s collar or harness for basset hound for two reasons. First, it’s a vest-type that will distribute the force on the chest instead of the neck.

Second, it has two leash attachments which are good if you’re using a double-ended leash. This Chai’s vest has a scratch-resistant material that’s also comfortable for your Basset.

The great part here is that it comes with a reflective material. So in case, your hound wanders as the leash goes too long, the people around can easily see him.

Also, this harness is very easy to put on and off. No matter how calm your Basset is, count on me when I say that lifting them up is a tough task.

These stocky dogs are heavy and it’s a pain to get tangled straps right on their belly. Chai’s vest has Duraflex buckles for hassle-free wearing and added durability. If you’re riding the car with your hound, this vest comes with a handle that you can attach to a dog car seat. This is also excellent for Bassets since you can aid them whenever they have to jump out of the car or the stairs.

2. RUFFWEAR Front Range Harness Twilight Gray

In case you’re looking for a harness that suits your puller Basset, this one from RUFFWEAR will be unbeatable.

Like the Chai’s vest, it comes with two leash attachment D-rings and side release buckles for easy wearing. But what we love the most here is the padded belly pad with cooling panels for utmost comfort.

There’s also a pocket on this RUFFWEAR vest where you can tuck your doggo’s ID. It also has reflective trims that add a safety factor to the vest.

Just make sure that you get the right sizing. When fitting this on your Basset, make sure you can still slip two fingers on the straps.

Your dog will like it as their adventure jacket which also provides chest support for Basset pups. It stays centered on the dog’s chest even after constant pulling and long walks. It will also help discourage your hound from pulling during your walks.

This good Basset Hound harness is a champ on handling heavy dogs. So if you have a chubby Basset, you’ll surely find a size that fits him in.

Dog Collar Vs Harness

There has been so much debate about using a harness or a collar. But when it comes to Bassets, there’s no doubt that harnesses are the way to go. A collar tends to choke Bassets, and with the weight and force the dog will exert trying to get away, it spells trouble for their necks.

Also, there are dogs that behave rashly when put on a leash. Basset Hounds seem to be not this type of doggo, but you’ll never know when their stubbornness can take over. It’s better to get the perfect dog harness for Basset Hounds.

The only problem about dog harnesses is that almost all pups will hate the feeling. Since it’s new to their body, the restraint could be uncomfortable. Anyway, it’s just a matter of getting used to and getting the right fit for your hound.

Why Basset Hounds Need A Harness

First, you need the tugging power that can stop your Basset from following a smell outdoors. But it should also be safe and comfortable for the doggo. If there’s one thing that harnesses do, it would be preventing neck injuries.

When Basset Hounds are pulling with a collar on, it’s taxing their throat more than ever. Also, harnesses give control to the walker. Bassets are always looking for a smell they can follow. If you don’t utilize a harness, your pup will be leading you instead of you being in control.

Also, leashes attached to a harness won’t easily get tangled or hurt your dog. Front attaching harnesses will be excellent for Basset Hounds as it offers more pulling control on the side of the walker. Still, it won’t hurt the pup on the process.

best basset hound harness

Also, there’s a lower chance that your Basset will slip out of the harness. Just make sure that the fit is right that it doesn’t sag nor choke. A dog harness is also a good way to keep your pup Basset focused during training.

What To Remember When Choosing The Harness

Even though they have short legs, Bassets are born athletes. This could be problematic since they aren’t supposed to be taxing their joints too much. Bassets are prone to hip dysplasia and foot problems. This is the reason why you need a dog harness when walking the pooch.

However, you should keep in mind that each dog harness is made different. Always look for the best quality harness that can give comfort and control at the same time. It may look weird, but full-grown Bassets can easily overpower a human.

Remember that no matter how disciplined your pup seems, never trust his nose. A harness-free walking would result in a nightmare of chasing and calling. And if that’s not enough, you’ll probably end up carrying a 30-pound struggling doggo on your arms.

Their Physical Structure

The major consideration when shopping for a Basset Hound vest is the structure of their bodies. They have long and thick torsos with low-set legs. With that, concentrating the force on their necks alone wouldn’t be efficient. You should also consider that as a Basset grows old, the more folds of skin grow on the neck area. Continuous rubbing of the collar on this part can result in blisters and wounds.

You should know, too, that Bassets can be pretty strong. They can win on the pulling if you’re not careful of your choice of restraint. Also, their ears are flappy and long. If you happen to get into trouble with the leash, it can catch their waggy ears.


The most crucial part of getting a dog harness is the size of your doggo. Bassets have stocky bodies which are one of the make or break parts for harnesses. Usually, adult pooches will weigh about 25-30 pounds. The sizing should be according to the Basset’s girth and not just a rough estimate from your visual calculations.

Take the measurements on the broadest part of the Basset’s chest. Most of the time, the harness for Basset hounds will fall between 25-35 inches. But it’s a whole different story if your doggo is a bit on the obese side. The challenge here is matching your measurements to the sizing chart of the product.

If you have doubts about the size, always contact the seller first. Some Basset owners allow a little room for coat and body growth. However, make sure that it won’t sag too much. Your Basset may trip on it while he walks or he could find a way to get out of the vest.

Dog Harness Types For Bassets

There are four major types of harnesses that we recommend: a front clip, combo, around the torso, and a no pull harnesses for basset hound.

? Front Clip Dog Harnesses

This type of dog harness has been gaining popularity due to the control it offers the dog owner. The leash is connected to the chest so whenever the Basset tries to pull to follow a scent, you’ll have the power to force him on the side. But as much as this is efficient for hounds, the fit can compromise its function.

A very tight front-clip harness can cause chaffing and movement restriction. And since your Basset will adjust his walking gait to be comfortable with your choice of a vest, you’re pushing him to develop hip and joint problems.

Vets also say that poorly fitted harness can cause more physical damage to dogs compared to using a decent collar and leash. So when purchasing this type of harness, make sure that you pay attention to the size and the material of the unit. This way, you’ll get the best pet harness.

? Combo Harness

Combo harnesses are used with double-ended leashes where one is attached in front and the other at the back. This is best for puller dogs and those with deep chests like Bassets. It could be a bit of a challenge to take control of this type of harness as you alternate on the force between the two leashes you’re using.

? Around The Torso Harness

If this is the first time that you’re walking your Basset, it would be smart to try an around the torso harness. This has a vest that hugs the chest of the pup and then two straps that run under his legs up to the dog’s back. It’s helpful if your Basset keeps lunging forward and you don’t want to hurt him when you pull back. This is also great for dogs with back and neck issues.

How To Get Your Basset Get Used To The Harness

Anything that’s new will be uncomfortable for your Basset. And if you want to make him accustomed to the supreme quality harness, here are some points that will help you out:

?Let Him Wear It

It’s a bad idea to put on the harness right on your first walk. Your Basset might find it indifferent and he will likely find ways to get out of it. What we recommend is to let him wear it at home without a leash on. This way, he will get used to the feeling and he won’t fight you on the leash during your walks.

?Introduce It Casually

If your Basset is a bit skeptical of the harnesses and leashes, let him sniff and lick the vest first. However, be on the lookout for potential chewing.

?Check The Fit

One reason why your Basset hates vests or harnesses is the poor fit. It’s either you’re choking him or he drags the vest to the point that he’s going to trip on it.

Best Harness For Basset Hound

How To Walk With Your Basset On A Harness

Now that your pooch has settled with the restraint on, it’s time to test the thing for a walk. Here are some of the crucial tips to make that best dog harness for Basset Hounds a worthy purchase:

? Start With A Short Leash

Your Basset might get too excited with the new environment he’s going to be in. He will sniff and chase to his heart’s content. And to keep your control, it’s best to start with a short leash. It’s one that’s enough to give freedom but not too long to be difficult to roll back.

? Make The Vest And Leash Appealing

The most crucial part in walking your dog is making the vest and leash appealing. If they hate the feeling of it, they will lose their enthusiasm toward “Walkies”.

? Get Some Treats

The challenge during your first walk with a Basset is to get his attention back to you. If he’s starting to drag you on the leash, pull out a smelly treat. This will never fail you. However, don’t let the treats become bribes for being a good boy during the walk.

?Stick To Practice

Be consistent with your routines when walking your dog. Soon enough, he will learn the drill and make the walks worthwhile. Getting the best harness for Basset Hounds is one thing but teaching the doggo to be comfy with it is another. Always pay attention to the sizing and comfort of material before putting your money on the harness. As much as it’s appealing to you, it should be more desirable for your pooch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is The Finest Option The EXPAWLORER Best No-pull Dog Harness?

Ans: The EXPAWLORER Best No-Pull Dog Harness is designed for basset hounds who enjoy exploring the great outdoors every time. It can withstand any outdoor adventures that your furry buddy may have.

Q2. Is It Better To Go With The Bolux Dog Harness, No-pull Reflective Breathable Adjustable Pet Vest?

Ans: Outside, a basset hound’s innate impulses might make them uncooperative at times. Fortunately, the Bolux Dog Harness uniformly distributes pressure throughout the harness, preventing any pulling or choking.

Q3. Is It Better To Go With The HDP Big Dog No Pull Dog Harness?

Ans: The HDP Big Dog No Pull Harness can be a good alternative if you want a no-fuss, uncomplicated harness that gets the task accomplished. The HDP harness, unlike other harnesses, has a “no choke” form, which can reduce the danger of neck strain or harm.

Q4. Is The Frisco Padded Front Lead Dog Harness The Best Option For Your Dog?

Ans: This Frisco harness might be the perfect option if you’re searching for a comfortable fit for your dog while yet maintaining some control. The high-quality nylon webbing is both soft and sturdy, so you’ll get many uses out of your harness in addition to offering pleasure for your dog.

Q5. Is Getting The INVENHO Reflective No Pull Removable Pet Vest Dog Harness A Good Idea?

Ans: With thick cushioning and soft, breathing fabric, the INVENHO Reflective No-Pull Variable Dog Harness is all about pleasure. The ballistic nylon webbing and scratch-resistant outer covering make it durable, but it’s not too hefty for your dog.